The SpaceCrusader

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This game is the result of a 5 week during school project. I made everything from scratch, except the music and sound effects. (I had no time to make my own music in these 5 weeks... =P + I'm still looking for good quality software to do so.) I had to make my own version of the "Speed Racer" concept. If you find this game addicting, then my goal has been achieved! ^___^

This is my first Flash game I've ever made, and even my first game that I could complete.
I hope you like it, give me some feedback if you like! I'm still learning from every bit of
feedback, so getting as much as possible will make me a happy Game Designer. =D

I'm in my first year, it takes 4 years to complete my study.
Maybe you'll be playing more of my games in later times...


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A few notes:

So the visuals are nice, but does it improve the gameplay?

Mostly yes, but not always:
- the visuals of the powerups: ingame > Little and Big. In the hud: Green and Red

About the introduction:
ESC function to skip is nowhere to be found and you cant follow it if you are a slow reader (had to start over 2 times to read it all > okay, i am a bit tired now =P)

About the HELP: No info about the enemies

About pressing buttons (introscreen): No visual signs that you've pressed a button - for people without sound or with music on for example

Great Game, I liked it.

Title says it all?

Fun but...

Kind of annoying that I have to click to move the shield. I'd rather it just follow the mouse. Also the title screen and story fade in and out reeeeeaaaallly slowly, it gets a little long at times. Finally I didn't know what to do right away, the help page was really insufficient no offense.

Now for the good stuff. ^_^ The game concept was great. Good music, sounds, & graphics. Controls were smooth (except for the clicking thing mentioned above). Overall, 7/10.

MrProGamer responds:

- Lol, at start you can skip the Prologue (ESC). But going back from HELP back to
the Main Menu also takes waiting time...
- So instead of dragging you prefer the shield is already attached to your mouse?
- What information was missing for you from the HELP?

Tnx! ^____^


Loved it a lot mate. ;] I can tell this took you a long time to make, and because of that, I gives you teh gold star. * pins gold star on chest *

This is a...

great concept. The graphics and the audio are nice and the controls are a bit tricky at first, but when you get used to playing, they are rather smooth. Make some more. You gave an awesome effort on this skill game. Great job...........vp

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3.51 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2008
8:41 PM EST
Skill - Avoid