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my second demo version :(
there was a big bug in the other version.
THIS IS A DEMO! I WILL PUT A LOADER, MORE QUESTION etc. in the updated version.



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you suck ballzz


I WILL NOT talk about the preloader/MB, no matter

how much it hurts XD.Anyway, I don't care about the size because my computer is good, but I'd just like to note that the "Selcet an awnser + check if it's right" is broken. I picked 4, and it said wrong but let me continue, and I was unable to pick another answer. Any way, I wont yell that it's a beta (mostly because the NG Mag section, where you can submit betas, never loads for me), but make more challenging questions for the real one. Although I assume the first ones are easier.
2/5, 6/10

Nickk0 responds:

thanks :P


No preloader makes it really annoying. Waiting for a 6.5mb file to load is just too much mate. As Yambanshee below me said, "effort."

And about demos, "We do not want "demos" that have no functionality." The functionaliy of this is debatable. I mean, the UI is nice. Questions are crap. 6mb for that.... Its too much mate.

Make some challenging questions and try again.

Nickk0 responds:

i know, i dont know why it was 6,5 MB.
look at Yambanshee review for the answer.

Pretty good

I think that you were going for us to grade you on how well you put together a testing system. You did that effectively.

However, if you want to get a better score from most people you should have turned it a quiz on a topic like games or football or food or something. That would have shown more effort.

The quizzing system seemed to work pretty well though.

Nickk0 responds:

I know, thx ;)
this were just basic questions

I liked the game

It was a demo though, and thus was rather short.
Also, there's more than one answer for "This animal has black and white stripes" My personal answer was a Siberian Tiger...which turned out being wrong. Just so ya know. Otherwise, nice job, make it into a real game.

Nickk0 responds:

thanks ;)
i'm working on it.

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Dec 1, 2008
12:04 PM EST
Skill - Other