World Of The Line in one

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A compilation of all my world of the lines :)
i hope you enjoy!


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5/5 10/10 very interesting music especially paragonx9's but none the less it was... interesting i liked it


7/10: Its a little choppy

Whats the song on WOTL 1?


Wow... epic randomness... very creative! This looks more like an Olympic dancing competition when the lines just squiggle about. I'm looking forward to more of these! Just a suggestion, you might want to make some sort of game (!) for this, where you control a line who has to do something (I don't know what). If you don't, maybe you could make the movies a bit more colourful, and also have some sort of big thing where the movie focuses on one line, who goes around the world of the line? Great movie though!

GlueyMcGee responds:

haha thanks!, i'm glad you like it!

and i'm in the process of making an rpg battle game with these characters, great ideas too :)!


the last one was the best :D

GlueyMcGee responds:

thanks! :) I worked on it hardest too

is this really necessary?

I don't mind you guys having this series and all, in fact I actually would encourage you guys to make more, just the problem that I'm having is the fact that,,, this seems like a resubmit to me in a way because it's really just a mass copy of all your other WOTL stuff. It's questionable as to whether I should blow the whistle on this or not, I'm not going to but just a forewarning that it might not be a great idea to do these kind of "compilation" of stuff you've already submitted, if you can see what I'm saying.

Other than that as far as judging the movie goes, the quality is pretty rough in all honesty. FBF with this style can either be really good or really bad, you have the whole bad-erase-style that I hate, if you're going to do this I suggest smoothing corners so it doesn't look like you're just erasing with a straight line, it'll create a smoother look. Another thing is the fact that when you're drawing a longer line it looks like hell because you can see each frame where you used a oversized brush to extend the line. I'm guessing you're doing this all with a mouse so I'd also suggest you get a wacom and use the pressure feature,,, you can make a reallllly smooth look with it, if you wanna see an example PM me and I'll send you a link.

Anyways best of luck and just keep in mind the whole resubmit rule in the future, you are very close to the line on this one.

GlueyMcGee responds:

im not on the line because it is not at all the same as only one of my vids
and it doesnt break any rules!! (I haven't stolen it ,its not alicious and its not unsuitable)

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Nov 30, 2008
9:55 PM EST