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This is a short shitty movie about the effects of short shitty movies...


Is that it?

The idea to this was nothing original it had been done loads of times before this, submit a crap flash and put some text in saying about how people submit crap to the portal. It wasn't done very interestingly, all you had was a head moving, some text and a white background. If you were going to do this, you should have made it more visually appealing, you should have had something in the background other than just having it white and you also should have had some sound effects or music, or maybe even both, as this just wasn't interesting at all. Nothing really happened either, you should have at least thrown something into it to make it worth watching.

Peace Out, Afro Stud



Heres a genius idea, lets make fun of shitty flash work with shitty flash work of our own!
GREAT IDEA!!!</blatant sarcasm>
Even for an entry dated way back to 2000, this was even shit for those standards.
If this were submitted RIGHT NOW, this would be blammed without a second though, so easily.
It wouldnt even make it past the first 120 votes.
It's so poor, that it deserves some sympathetic marks for humour.
It's not even done in a particularly funny manner, but the marks are given out of the hilarity of how shitty this is.
Poor at best.


I understand where you're coming from. But please TRY to implement correct spelling and grammar when making fun of someone. I mean, you didn't even capitalize 'I' for fuck's sake.

I gave the thing a 4, by the way. As it was funny. The guy's head snapping was awesome.

Inexplicably bad

I know, let's ridicule people who do bad flash, by making a bad flash movie! Even for a 2000 entry this is rubbish, and by today's standards it's laughable. It's not even done in a particularly funny manner like some decent entries in this ilk are.

Good point, but...

Think of a more crative way to make fun of shitty movies

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1.30 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2000
9:04 AM EDT
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