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The Two Gifts

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School project, I rushed it, and I didn't feel like animating it so I didn't. It's more like a slide show than a movie, so whatever. :D

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Awkward flash

I can see the your piece of work here did contain some effot. This is evident from the fact that there was a nice story and ending. However the flash was badly animated and I get the impression that you were trying to be too clever. I see a flash like this and I feel that there should be some great meaning bahind it because of the touhing music and the giving to the poor. To be honest it made the whole flash muddled. Two people were generous in their own way, then the old woman was invited round for dinner. There is nothing deep to that.The whole set up of the animation was strange, but i commend you for effort and in all it wasent that bad.

thepuffyone responds:

I didn't really express the story well in the flash..

The old homeless woman is there, starving and waiting for travelers to give her food. The first traveler comes to give her some money, but he changes his mind after not wanting to take off his gloves in the cold, and he goes on. The second man comes to give her a small amount of money (around a quarter's worth), but he takes out the wrong type of coin, worth much more. As he takes it back to his pocket to retrieve one of smaller value, he drops the first one. He decides that he's a good person because he accidentally gives the woman money, which she can't find since he drops it in the snow. While that man feels proud of himself, the first traveler is feeling remorseful and goes back. He invites her over to his inn where he gives her clothes, a meal, and warmth.

Though I do agree that my animations and drawings sucked. :D


What I saw looked good, but the margins need adjusted as the left and right of the screen were cut off.


most of the time u could not see the words. did u check twice before u sumited it. and bad drawing. but the story is good tough. try better next time and dont rush or ill look like crap.

thepuffyone responds:

The words would look strange if it was in a different color, and if they were in a darker color then you wouldn't be able to see it. I made a few fixups to it, but I was too lazy to use a tablet or anything.. Thanks anyways.

Btw, you made a typo in your last sentence...