8-bit FPF v1

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8-bit pong, Pong with great music and 8-bit graphics. the controls are explained in the game. I will probably be updating this soon (not guaranteed.)

Please post suggestions below and if i use them your name will appear in the credits.

Thank you very much for playing.

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Well, everything seemed to work, until I got a glitch...

I was playing on easy (like the noob I am :P) and doing fairly well until the computer, well, practically caught the ball. The bar went into the ball, hit it, but then the ball just started bouncing from behind the bar to in front of it, like it wasn't going anywhere basically. It was just like MismiMan's problem. So that should definitely be fixed. Other than that, the controls were decent, the game worked fairly well, and the background music was catchy. But since it was glitchy and unoriginal, I am, unfortunately, rating this 2 stars. With a bit of work, though, it could do much better.

not so bad

I got a bug in hard mode... I don't know what was that... the ball stuck in the cpu player and that's all... I never finished... And Metropolis theme should be the main bgm in the game :P

Things are out of wack!

The buttons are off centered, the whole game looks skecthy.... and all together it needs quite a bit of work.

The Good-

It functions which is the most important part.
It has sound
It is a classic game..

Just pull the plug... and fix the minor errrors then resubmit it to newgrounds.

A decent effort...

TIght controls, good music, and an okay presentation, but the gameplay is cliche. Kudos for the 2 Player mode, but I think the bars need to be shortened or the ball needs to move faster because it's really hard to score on the computer. It's an alright game.

iamrunegecko responds:

thankyou for the review.

Good Job

The overall look is nice and this music is nice. Game play gets a little boring; maybe make the ball speed up faster. Also the back button didn't work on the instructions page. All together good job.

iamrunegecko responds:

k, i will take that into consideration.

Credits & Info

2.88 / 5.00

Nov 30, 2008
2:32 PM EST
Skill - Other