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Freaktwa: This is my first collab I've ever done, so please consider how much effort it took to make this. Anyways, CSanimations did the fully drawn animations, while I did the stick animations, and we piled it up together to make one quality turd of goodness. Enjoys teh moviez!!!!111eleven

CSanimations: There is a real variety of stuff here, so watch the whole thing. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. Hope ya like it!!!!

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absolutely awesome

lovedall of it but loved the elevator sketch "......you're gay!!"

CSanimations responds:


amazing how do you do it ur all geniuses

this was the best god damn sketch show ive eva seen in my entire life i laughed at every single sketch cs animations i love all of ur sketches and freaktwa u rok my sox but harriT is a genius dracula aids sketch OMG! i loved it but i think that the animators deserve the biggest round of applause. i take my hat of 2 you all!!!!!!!!!!

CSanimations responds:

ha,ha! cheers!

My Mouth Isnt Even Moving You Lazy Bastereds!

That Was The Best Part lol, I liked when the guy who was gonna get bitten by Dracula was like WTF and he went all dememneted.

CSanimations responds:


Very funny

I really enjoyed this flash. My favorite part had to be the Dracula AIDS one. I also loved the sudden abrubtness and randomness of every sketch. Keep up the good work and keep things original.

CSanimations responds:

Thanks very much. Yeah, the AIDS sketch is the most popular. Hopefully we'll make another one sometime, and really keep the original stuff up.

half and half

half funny half queer, but i enjoyed the vampire one

CSanimations responds: