Mogley Beyond Bug Dome

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This is a toon I made back in 2001 for my idiomation site. I know a few parts have to be sped up because there is too long a pause or delay, but i don't have the original fla file. Aside from that, do most guys here draw with a mouse, scan and import, or use a tablet?


it was ok

i give you a five because it deserves to be on NG but the backgrounds are terrible and not the best story, animation and charecters are ok.

Haha! Great comedic work.

The Good: Great! Loved the animation. A bit 2001 for my style (haha) but it came out great. Very funny, sounds were decent for 2k1, everything turned out very well.

The Bad: As you said, some parts were messed up speed-wise. It was alright though. The animation could use some brushing up, but it's from 2001!, so who gives a damn, right?

The Ugly: That kid's penis.

All in all: Enjoyable, funny flash. I'd watch it again and again. I'll go do that.

By the way, most people use the mouse, followed closely by tablet use, followed by scan and import.

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2.61 / 5.00

Nov 30, 2008
10:56 AM EST
Comedy - Original