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Why do you bother making such useless crap?

the person who posted befor me

need to learn the lyrics to Stan alot better, or make his own.

Anyways, the movie was ok, but i think Bush should have been *insert negative comment about bush here*

Hey i know, Why don't you guys right me back?

I loved the movie, but now i have to act like a obsessed fan.
Dear mr.I'm too stuck up to call or write my fans
Hey man, what the fuck is wrong with you? i wrote you 3 weeks ago and you still haven't answered! me and my little brother joey waited out of the clock crew house 4 hours in the freezin' cold for your autograph man and you di'nt come. He likes you even more than i do, he wants to be you. I talk to my girl friend about you all the time and shes jealuos, but she don't know you like i know you Grapes, you the only one who knows how to take away my pain, my dad beat my moma and left her too, so when i have a shity day, i kick back and watch your flash. I ain't that mad but i think it FUCKED UP YOU DON"T ANSWER FANS! ill be your biggest fan you ever lose.
Sincerly your this is Stan.
His teas' gone cold he wonders why, butta ,dah dah ,dah ,dah, hangs my picture on his butta dah, dah, dah, its not so bad, its not so bad.

once again im wicked tired

clocks suck i have always disliked them but you can thank 2 "clock" crew members for helping me attire a new-found hate for all clocks from now on i wont even give the movies a chance anymore so thank your fellow clock crew members for a pointing out another reason to hate clocks you have some great people representing your orginization they HELP make your enemies please people give them a round of applause theyre really great people arnt they....hmm i forget my point now....was it....blam?

mr grapes sir....

what are your policies on drinking 8 cans of beer at 9am and eating too much lard?

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Mar 11, 2002
5:33 PM EST