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"The revenge of the underwater Mafia..."


I loved it!

This is the best noir flash i have seen. It acctualy made sense, AND it was funny. Good job.


i didnt know wha was goin on but it was kwl
XD better than most things its v unique i guess....well done and if you kept the plot more simple it wud have mde sence lol

It needed more to it.

At first it seemed like it was going to be alright, the idea of sea animals in a mafia seemed like an interesting one and it could have had a good story to it, but the truth is that you just didn't do much to it and nothing really happened. It was basically a political compaign against ocean sewage dumpage but you just didn't do it evry interestingly, you should have shown more of the story as all you showed was just a few shots. If you'd had brought more story into it, it would have been much more interesting. You also should have found some sound that fitted in better with the movie as the one you chose didn't seem to fit all that well. You also needed to add some sound effects into it as you only used a sound effect once and the movie just seemed really odd without sound effects. The sound effect you did use though, was fairly poor, as it was supposed to be guns firing but it just sounded far too quiet, I know the setting was supposed to be underwater, but it still should have been louder.

Peace Out, Afro Stud


good one

very nice animation... and even better black-and-whilte animation. i liked the mafia setting and idea to this one too, it was very nice.
great job on this one. i liked this one alot.


I do :D.
cause thisw was good

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2.86 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2000
6:28 AM EDT
Comedy - Original