Tank Defence 2

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Blast your way to victory on big fat metal treads! Up your armour and firepower as you go. After all, the best Tank Defence is a strong Tank Offence!

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its a good game

real hard for me but still good :)


Pretty challenging.

Pretty good

I liked it man, it's a pretty good game :) I just think that maybe it needs something to keep you playing at first cus I found it fun til I played it the second time. Good job!

Poorly balanced, poor gameplay

Gameplay, graphics and all that is at basic level. Still its a good base to start from and improve upon it.

Little logic in your game; tanks dont shoot until lvl 3.. then why are they tanks at lvl 1 and 2.. and 4? make them APCs or something, at least it will make sense. If we face a tank, i expect it to shoot at me! No just stand there like a moron.

Map should be bigger, because right now there is very little point of having a tannk to defend an area the size of a house.. when fixed artillery or bunkers could do the job better and be more credible at it.

Long, slow and boring. HP should regenerate between waves, mines should go away between waves and be replenished, give us 10 seconds to set oursleves up at begining of wave.

Difficulty iss badly balanced, since waves are.. not progressing in difficulty in a gentle curve but more like exponential, bumpy curve. Specialisation in the wrong techs = losing, so.. it severely limits what is actually usefull in the game.. because if some techs serves no usefull purpose (like.. speed, bullet speed, mines and some others) the player is wasting ressources that dont help him win., and make your game that much more punishing to play in because the effective options are limited. Not fun.

twistedduck responds:

Thank you so much for taking the time to review the game in this much depth - I appreciate it much.

It's... okay.

I've played this game on Addicting Games and want to add a review. Its really easy on level 1, but by the time I finish it and begin level 2, I already begin to feel bored. To add up the 'uninteresting factor', level 2 is a whole lot harder like what the rest before me said. All in all, not a game I'd play.

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3.21 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2008
6:42 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional