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This idea poped up in my head right after that i finished my beloved game Final Fantasy VII for the forth time. I wanted to do something similar to this fantastic game. I already knew that I wouldn't achive the great magic which lies in Final Fantasy, but at least it is worth a try.

The game itself is seperated into 2 parts which will be forged together into one massive game in the beginning of the next year. I named the game hundred cut, which is the most powerful attack that you can use in this game. I found it rather cool with an attack which makes the hero hit the enemy 100 times in a fast motion (like omnislash in FFVII but with many more hits).

This is the battledemo of this game, where you can test some of the abilities which I created. Fight your way against 8 small goblin in order to defeat the great Goblin King in the end of the game.

Just click the ability you would like to do and the hero will do it automaticly (like in any other turn-based RPG).

*Try to use the PROTECT-spell as much as you can. You can use this up to five times and it will last for every single battle in this game. It will decrese the enemy damage a lot.

*If you would like. You can save your 50xcut till the last boss. It will for sure deal with a lot of the Goblin King's HP.

Well, thats everything. Play, have fun and stay tuned for the upcoming game - Hundred Cut.

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its a good game and the gameplay and attacks are great but its way to short and to easy even for a demo and you shouldnt really get full hp at the start of each battle. so as i said before its a good game but since you are never going to release the full version and since you havnt posted any updates telling us your progress so far i am afraid im going to have to give this a low score. vause it has been over 5 years.

Good game, but needs balance

I really liked the battle system in this game, however the abilities were unbalanced. Super amash did maybe 1/5 the damage of beam, which costs only twice as much rage. Summon Omon nearly one shotted the boss, and 50xcut did enough damage to kill every enemy in the game at once! I did like the rage system, as it was a lot fairer than an mp bar that requires items or a lvl up to refil it. On that note, i would've liked it if each indivisual goblin gave experience after that battle, allowing the player to lvl up as he went through the quest. graphic wise the game looked okay, the animations were nice, but the goblins took to long to die. The music was decent, but not the best. So 5points for gameplay, 1 for graphics, 1 for music, and 2 for replay value. all in all, 9/10 5/5

Not bad...

It was a bit to easy and the death animations were to long. My suggestion would be make the specials less powerful, shorter and varying death seens and give the enemy's more attacks. But great idea and it defenitly has great potential, cant wait for the full version.

CyberXR responds:

hi xion and thanks for your time :P hmm yea, that is the first thing I am going to do when I do the full game. I maybe for example just let the enemies fade out when they die (Like in final fantasy VII). Thanks for your time tho ;P

Two Quick things

One: You left part of your code open.
I could change the ??/8 Number, and never got to see the goblin king.

Two The Death animations are really... really... long.

CyberXR responds:

oooohhh HIII and loool! I tested that one and you are absolutly right :O Im so embarased. Will fix that problem right away. Thank you so much for mentioning it ;)

Too slow

It's a fairly average battle system. Some of the abilities are quite good, but they all just take so long to happen.
The deaths take far too long and are also too unrealistic.
Definitely has potential though.

CyberXR responds:

Hita BrockO! Lol yea you are right maybe =) The animations took a while to make, but I didnt work with this game more then a week. Well, if you find the animations to long you should not play Final Fantasy VII, and you SHOULD NOT test the summon "knights of the round" ;)

Thanks for your belife. Will check it out if I got the time and potential to do the full game. Also if you want you could test my other games as well ;)