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This was a school project to put together a Powerpoint presentation, completed by Scott Davis in 5 hours, It was then converted to a flash format by John (The House Cat) Davis in 2 hours. It's a simple but informative guide to surviving a lower leveled zombie outbreak; done in the theme of Max Brooks' book "The Zombie Survival Guide."

"The House Cat" "zombie virus" has a "pretty self explanatory" "epilogue."



nie man but the guns thing um yea iv got a gun u can use not very loud fast speed
massive ammo at a cheap price semi auto 22 with 50 round clip :)
u can even use rat shot in them with it like a mini shotgun shell :)
oh and when uv got alot of zombies pvc pipe bombs ftw :)
i used 2 make my own ammo with my dad when i lived at home

oh and ur best bet 4 a safe house which i want this done 4 a place 2 live house under ground with a metal hatch 2 get in :)

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A decent guide for surviving in your home

There would be many places to hide during an attack but 120robot3 many people would also think heading to the mall would be a 'great' idea but with all those people, you would expect mass panic and a hell load of zombies knocking at the doors.

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Pretty standard.

I'm a big fan of zombie stuff, but the constant spelling mistakes and some survival mistakes in general.

I pointed out that a wooden baseball bat would not serve as a permanent weapon, as it is of course, made of wood and is able to break. A metal one would be preferred, but the crowbar has practical uses as well as being a weapon.

And the guy below me is right. Not only there is plently of supplies and is reinforcable, it is likely to have many, many things to prevent you from boredom, and many do not require electricity, such as sporting equipment (which would help you be fit) and books.

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additional info

I think the author makes a good point but I would recomend getting to the nearest mall,because malls as you know have plentiful supplies of food,and they have security measures to seal off certin areas of the mall, and usally reinforced glass doors.

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Very good presentation.

Good presentation. As a regional expert and local coordinator for Zombie Emergency Defense (ZED) team if ya wanna trade ideas and information on the undead email me at GenericXombie@hotmail.com if you want I can help you make a follow up for the next 2 tiers of readiness, that last tier would need its own.
And remember you are doing a public service don't be discouraged by the blammers you get a five and a ten from me for doing exactly what you set out to do.

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