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Untitled Zombie Project

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This was a school project to put together a Powerpoint presentation, completed by Scott Davis in 5 hours, It was then converted to a flash format by John (The House Cat) Davis in 2 hours. It's a simple but informative guide to surviving a lower leveled zombie outbreak; done in the theme of Max Brooks' book "The Zombie Survival Guide."

"The House Cat" "zombie virus" has a "pretty self explanatory" "epilogue."

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haha wow

Scott Davis, Scott D. Davis, is a famous man for playing a lot of metallicas songs on piano. John Davis is my grandfather, and yes, my last name is Davis.

that was extremely helpful

you survival and battle tips as well as mental health tsability(boredome)was very helpful like using a but club or steel rod was a good tip when in alife theatening fight and things like the bathtub water was great

be prepared

This is pretty basic but sometimes its good to hear this sort of thing. Umm I thought rigor mortis set in within the first day. Also its pretty awesome that you got to do this as a school project (oh couse i once made a powerpoint about the characters from Golden Sun). Also there were a few spelling errors but not to major.

IF you can afford it..

Purchase a practical sword, not a 34.95 cosmetic one but a sword that has been built for practical use. Far better than a bat or crow bar. Aside from that, I can't stress enough that the theoretical possibility of a virus than can somehow send signals through dead nerve cells is far fetched at best. Dead nerve cells can't send electrical impulses to dead muscle cells. And dead muscle cells don't contract and expand to cause motion. Irregardless of the brain becoming a viral colony capable of creating those impulses in the first place. Nuff said.


by looking at it it took you some time in it but you forgot the moan of the zombie and of course the radio will attract them