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This used to be much longer and had voice acting by the wonderful Edwyn Tiong and Laura Post, and a score done by the talented Deflektor.

Unfortunately, the files had all been lost due to a massive computer meltdown, and only some bits had been saved. It has been a very large effort to piece together everything that has been lost and fill in the gaps, of which i've stopped to move on to greater and better things.

Here is the remnants of a project, acutely named Ressurection.

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It's a damned shame to what happened to this.

I have to agree with Omahdon, this would have given Adam Phillips, Rick Marin, Em Kaah, and Spike Valentine something that they would have loved if that motherboard meltdown had not have happened. You want to know why? It's because you have an excellent drawing/animation talent that is just asking to be shown here. With that out of the way...

In terms of art and animation, this is excellent for what you had done here. Sure it may be an incomplete product, but it's still worth noting. Plus, you did a great job on minor details, facial expressions, body language, etc. As for the sound, Deflektor did an excellent job on the music, but since you lost the voice recordings; that hurt the sound department quite a bit. As for the story, this has a lot of potential that is just asking to be tapped into properly, and it would be a shame if you were to just waste it on the motion comic format (ex: Thamesis, Broken Saints, and any of Chester Kwan's flash). Plus, Subtitles would have helped this quite a bit.

What I like about this:
-Great art and animation
-Great music selection
-Nice tone and pace

What I don't like:
-The fact that you lost almost every file related to this.

Overall: As I said before, It's a damned shame to what happened to this. I would say either get someone to try to recover the files, or restart from scratch (which is a bitch, I shall add). Of course, it's pretty good for what you have done, and you should have backed it up on a CD-R(W) before the incident. Here's a seven out of ten.

Aw sadness.

You lost all the voice files and so much work? D: Sadness!

TheAlbinoButterfly responds:

i did! it was sadness. i have all the work for later in the scenes, but, not the beginning.

but the important thing was, the scout saw the work before it was all lost, with your amazing talent, and, it got me in. i am going to be going in september!

thanks edwyn!!


It wasn't very good, at any aspects, but it does make good base for a lot of improvements.

The animation quality looked pretty good, actually. You've managed to draw the elves(or whatever kind of race that was supposed to be) very good, even though it didnt have a lot of detail.
One problem was because of the frame rate- it was choppy in a lot of places.

Your choice of audio was pretty nice, it really fit the situation quite well. I liked the harp sounds a lot, it reminded me of an old DND/Fantasy game called ''Newerwinter Nights'', but I guess that's not too important. I read your author comments, so I know why this movie doesn't have any voices, but still- it would have helped if they had them. A lot.

And the storyline isn't really clear to me in this case. The cartoon itself was really short, and I couldn't understand, pretty much anything, that they said, because there weren't any voices. So... this part was sort of crappy.

Overall, a nice animation, that really got killed because of the lack of voicing.
You should still keep making these, improve your skill 'n stuff. You have quite the potential, really.
Good luck.

Needs improvement

I liked the drawings, but you need to improve the animation, and you should get some voices.

TheAlbinoButterfly responds:

Thank you for the review!


It was quite obvious the characters were talking but all I could here was the music. Rebuild and rerelease and I *might* change my vote and rating. Do better work already.

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2.89 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2008
2:40 AM EST