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Hit Space Bar to use air raids and hit M to mute. Make sure you check out Sandbox Mode. It's great for when you want something fun to do.

I spent a lot of time making this. The graphics are not the best, but i can't do better. :P
So anyway have fun playing.


I don't know why, but i liked it!

The title says it all...

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that was actually pretty decent..
i mean like you said the graphics could DEFINITELY be better but they werent horrifically unbearable..
this was almost borderline GOOD.
and take that as a compliment considering i personally think we should trash all these generic defend games. GREAT artwork could have pushed this close to 'favorite worthy'

if i had to find another complaint besides the art, it would be the noise..
the horrible NOISE! and yea sure you had a mute feature but it was a very glitched/broken mute feature. i wanted to mute the second that giant flaming ball of HEADACHE hit my speakers, but i had to wait until gameplay..

ah and also the fact that it got very hard very quick even in easy mode.
and thats something i consider a big no-no. dont get me wrong i li9ke a good challenge but not a sure-to-loose type of challenge, scaring the player away isnt good for anybody. i occasionally want to dominate through a horde of enemies annihilating them all without breaking a sweat, all while thinking highly of myself.. ESPECIALLY when IN AN EASY MODE!!

be proud of this ten ;), this game is reasonably enjoyable considering it is what it is.



Starts off easy. Gets really hard after the AK guys start coming in. Unless you have a m4 or something.

Nothing new

Has been done wayyy too many times and the bullets almost invisible.


bullets r to slow and the ppl r three times as fast as the bullet last i checked thats not possibleu dont get enough money in time to buy a better wall and a faster stronger gun just plain bad..... maybe u can touch up on this

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3.54 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2008
12:25 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight