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Fire VS Water

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Action - Fighting - VS

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Nov 28, 2008 | 11:12 PM EST

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Author Comments

This is a two player offline fighting game !

Fight with a friend using various combos and a special attack to see who can win.



Player 1 (Fire)
- Left and right arrow keys to move
- Up arrow key to jump
- Numpad 1 to punch (hold for punch combos)
- Numpad 2 to kick (hold for kick combos)
- Numpad 3 to shoot fireball (bar under health bar needs to have some green)
- Numpad 0 for special attack (bar under health bar needs to be full)

Player 2 (Water)
- A and D to move
- W to jump
- J to punch (hold for punch combos)
- K to kick (hold for kick combos)
- L to shoot waterball (bar under health bar needs to have some green)
- Spacebar for special (bar under health bar needs to be full)


You have 120 seconds to try and beat your oponent, after 120 seconds, the game goes into sudden death. Both players healthbars go down to almost zero meaning that the first person to hit the other wins.

[ TIPS ]

You can alternate between punching and kicking to make different combos (ex: punch, kick, punch).

You can fill up your energy bar (bar under health bar) by attacking the other player. If you fill it up, you can perform your special attack.

For sound options, right-click and press the P key to pause your game.


This is somewhat a resubmit because it was originally intended for the Fighting Game Collab. The reason I am submitting this is that it had glitches when it got compiled when it was submitted in the collab and I just recently noticed.

(It never had any glitches but the collab host must have done something and it turned out wrong).

Normally I would have asked the collab host to update it with the fixed version but the collab has been there for a month and chances are, no one is going to see it anytime soon.

I want to know what people think of it now that it has no problems.
Hope you like it !



Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


About a month ago I contacted Zrb to work on a simple flash game I needed for a website I'm making, he confirmed that he would be happy to do the work and produced a prototype. I paid him a $250 deposit in good confidence that he would complete the game and he said that he would contact me each day to let me know the progress.

Since then I have not heard from him, he refuses to respond to my messages in any way. I even said that if he did not want to make the game anymore he should at least be fair refund my deposit.

This guy Zrb is a disgrace and has put me off ever hiring a flash developer from newgrounds or anywhere else ever again.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Middle of the road, the characters were just colour swaps, moves and combos we're the same, same speed dmg and range, only difference was the specail. One level, a flat block. This seems more of a test of concept then anything, infact its not even up to a test of concept.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


My laptop doesn't have a number pad, and the numbers at the top weren't working, but anyway, the characters controlled/moved well, as in you didn't press the button, and have them move two seconds later, I didn't find any glitches, and I really like your drawing style.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Why didn't this hit the front page?

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Its Ok

Me and my brother like to Fight