Mouse-Eaters 3

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Keep your mouse cursor safe as you try to escape through the door. Move your cursor to the exit to advance through the levels. Complete tasks to unlock trophies. More levels, trophies, and secrets than both of the previous games combined.

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Awesome game, but how do you get past lvl 21? I've been on that one for forever!!!! Thanks! -SpamStinks1234 :)

chesster415 responds:

I don't thinks there's anything particularly nasty on lvl. 21. The real key is on the bottom right closest to the door, if that helps. The next levels get worse and I don't really remember how to beat most of them.

how do you beat lvl 5

awsome game but how do you beat lvl 5

chesster415 responds:

I described different cheating methods to ditter in the previous post. You could read those to help out, but you won't beat this game without cheating. If you're stuck on level 5 try to find a certain way in that you don't get eaten. The trophies you can win from failing to cheat past level 5 can give you a hint.

nice game

but i really dont know how to cheat sorry i know its lame but how do you ? thanks ditter

chesster415 responds:

Right clicking won't work, and the level select cheat are gone, but there's still a lot of ways to cheat.
You can take your mouse off the screen and come back on from a different side, or try dragging your mouse really quickly, (I don't recommend this one, I always get eaten.) or you can open another window to drag over the screen and bring your mouse over it to jump across the screen. There are probably ways I didn't think of too, I didn't consider that people might hold the mouse button down to drag the mouse with them outside the screen, but that seems to be covered by what I did to keep people from playing the game with the wrong resolution to give themselves an extra border. Or you could change your save data by editing the shared objects, or use a memory scanner like Cheat Engine. Keep in mind that there are drawbacks to each cheating method. The risks depend on how hard you try cheating, (risks range from, dropping a key, to being eaten, to wiping out your savedata (If you want to mess with it make a backup!).)

Just try different things. It'll still be hard no matter how much you cheat but good cheating will make the game considerably easier.
Remember "Cheaters always win!", that's what my dad taught me.


but need hlp on lvl 20 the three keys one..........damn its hard

chesster415 responds:

Thanks for the ten this time. I can't remember which is the real key I think it might be the left one. The trick is to move quickly but smoothly so you don't drop the keys. It might help if you know the collision is only detected if you hit the mouse eater's eyes.

i made it to 9 =/

haha fun game loved it

chesster415 responds:

Why didn't you cheat past level nine like you did on level five?

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3.72 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2008
6:09 PM EST
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