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How to be leet.

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Author Comments

How to be leet in 4 easy steps.. lol.

Learn to become the leetest of all leet by watching this instructional video based on my leetness and power to own you all.


Random specs:
FPS: 24
Canvas: 600x350
Time taken: 2 and a half hours.

There is an easter egg. :D

EDIT: Holy hell, I got an award?! AND FRONTPAGE? I love you Tom. <3

EDIT 2: So many reviews, I WILL respond to all of them sooner or later.

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Not bad very interesting concept on this



Not leet enough? Reply?

Lochie responds:


Leet Pwnz

Great vid

In the following comment that does not break the rules in any way, I would like to state that the wikipedia entry on leet is hilarious. This entry being completely related to the topic, and in no way offensive to anybody, breaks no rules in the review guidelines.

L33T.. :D

4\/\/50/\/\3! :D But for me, the text was going too fast.