Friends Or Rivals?

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I'm VERY SORRY for the file size!

Skater007 kept telling me to release the full flash.......now I am.

The Ryu vs Akuma will come and the battle music will change :D*

*I added Ryu getting drunk to try something new, Ryu can't be normal all the time right? I wanted to use some creativity*



That was pretty hardcore. you did a great job on the story and the action. gret job man.

Really good work!

The only thing I had to ding you on was the audio quality. You did have a 2.5 megabyte leeway there to improve it. I see from your description box that filesize is an issue, but consider the following:

If the viewer has a fast connection, then the difference between 7.5 MEGS and 10 MEGS is one of mere moments.

If the viewer has a slow connection, and is willing to sit through 7.5 MEGS of loading, then what's another 2.5 MEGS?

It is my opinion that audio quality is just as important as video quality. I think that skimping on the sound of an otherwise beautiful flash is like driving a luxury sportscar after sandblasting all the paint off of it.

But, you know how the old saying goes. "Opinions are like assholes..."

You do good work, man. No matter what I or anybody else says, the most important question you should ask yourself at the end of the day is, "Am I happy with and proud of this work?"

If you can answer "Yes", then nothing else matters.


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Slicing-Claws responds:

Thanks man, Good job with your daily 2nd place.

Very cool!

Rigid animation, pumping music, and intense action make this a great watch. My main problem was the serious problems with the writing- the dialogue was downright terrible! Try and improve your writing skills! My other problem was with the sound effects. While most were good, you could hear many of them repeating within moments of each other, and it doesn't sound nice. Try adding a few more punch-n-kick noises in there, and you've got a fantastic animation!


GREAT! This is a very fast, heart pounding and amazing video. I really like it. So I was just wondering two things, one is, why is it rated mature? It's not that violent. Two are there gonna be more? TELL ME! (-:

Slicing-Claws responds:



You have good choreography and sprite animation. The things I didn't like were the quality and the cliche. Don't use the same music that everyone else uses (referring to the music at the end). I've heard that so many times. Also, your drunk Ryu isn't that different from normal Ryu, so that wasn't necessary.

If you just try to animate a sweet fight, you'll be good.

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4.04 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2008
2:19 AM EST