Rosethorne - part 3

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If you haven't watched part 1 & 2 (also on NG) please watch them, or the story won't make much sense. And if you like the cartoon at all, please take the time to vote for it (Thanks). This animation completes the short story I originally planned, but I came up w/ an ongoing story that I was thinking about doing as a web comic. Leave me a comment if you think the character is worth doing a comic about. Also, I've had tons of compaints about the audio quality. I'm considering doing my next animation w/ sound fx only and using subtitles for the dialog. Do you think people would prefer subtitles or sound that wasn't that great? Thanks for taking the time to watch.


i like!

very nice, very nice indeed, the black and white style is superb, specially like the ending, serves her right :D Make more, thats one of the best series on Newgrounds easily


Probably the best series i've seen yet


Holy that was the best of the three. (That 10 isn't for humour its for irony when Rosethorne got what she deserved) any ways I liked the stills (no not cause they were fucking) because they were great drawings and it seems like you really put some extreme effort into this. Exceellent movie, excellent storie, a welcomed addition to NG!


very cool.... definately do the sound.... subtitles kind of force the person watching to hurry to read the subtitles before taking in the art so that they don't miss what anybody is saying. that kinda ends up makin people miss alot of the work you put into a piece. so anyways, keep up the work... looks liek it would be a pretty sweet comic too.


i'd prefer sound over subtitles. keep it up man, these are great.

Gerimi responds:

I'm glad you dig it. The decision about the sound isn't just because of the quality. It also takes me a lot longer record the sound, edit it, and put it in (even though I'm not synching the mouths up) If I had the time, I'd continue w/ all the bells and whistles. This definitely isn't the end of Rosethorne, but I have another story I want to knock out before that. Hopefully I can start posting it soon. I suppose that means i'll have to start drawing it, though...

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Mar 11, 2002
12:59 PM EST