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INFURIATING flashing boss weapons sorted. Thanks Flash 8. Should be no more cheap shots...
Take on an ocean of trouble in this underwater side scrolling shooter with RPG elements with the amazing art styling of Dim from The Super Flash Bros. Blast the enemies and tunnel through the rocky terrain in this original take on the genre.


Arrow Keys / WASD to move.
Z/ L to shoot pulse cannon (once you've got the upgrade)
X / K to drill (once you have the upgrade)
Space to pause.


nice graphics

Excellent game, but I thought there was a bit too much experience early in the game. I had all the upgrades before even getting to the second boss, and I still didn't have all the exp in each stage.


jk this game is great and i loved it, its so addicting trying to find all the secrets but the stage screen was all messed up but i loved it any way!!!

great game, but...

really great game. I found a couple of bugs though.
1) Once I got the grey rock smash upgrade, it wouldn't let me smash green rocks.
2) Wen I got the muti-shot upgrade, one of the bullet things went up and the other when down and the middle one stayed in the middle. I don't know if It's supposed to be like this, but if it Isn't then you should try and fix it.
Thats all for the glitches/bugs, now on to what you could improve on.
1)Have different levels for the upgrades and use seashells to buy them. i.e: regular muti-shot would be 60 seashell, and once you buy that, you can upgrade it in different areas such as lock-on, speed, power, and so on.
2)Maybe it can have a shield.
3)This isn't neccesarily a suggestion but i think that the upgrades were way too easy to get. Once I reached the level where it said that you could go back to previous levels for more XP, I finished that level and went back to the first level and got rock smash and was way too easy from there on out.
4)This ties in with number 3, if you make a TentaDrill 2, then make it so that you gain very little or no XP when you smash a rock, because that is what made me reach all the levels so fast.
Well, a word that I would use to sum up this game is AWESOME! I look forward to a possible TentaDrill 2

Can't wait for a sequel!

But it would need more levels, upgrades, and enemies. Liked the graphics and abilities, but i'm left wanting more.


If you fix the current glitches, this could be one of the best games...It needs a squeal too...More upgrades, more battles, and less glitches.

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