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Puppies For Malachy

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I have just been review banned for the first time ever, and instead of being upset, I'll come to terms with my mistake, and make up for it to better the community.

I sent this message to Malachy:

"Dear Malachy,

Recently, I made a comment on this flash. This flash was, in your words, "severely lacking puppies." First off, I'd like to say this was highly inappropriate of me, and I apologize to you and the NG staff. However, I do not feel this is enough, I can tell that you expected puppies, and I believe you deserve puppies. I'll make you a flash, filled with puppies, and dedicate it to you. I'll even make you an honorary FF member, and co-author you on the production! However I'd like it if we could put our differences aside, I would like to review again, but even if you don't unban me, I'm still going to do this, for you. I hope you enjoy the flash, once I get it on the portal. I hope we can become friends from this ordeal, and perhaps we'll look back and laugh at how awkwardly we met. I thank you for your time to read this, and please enjoy my movie once I complete it"

I got this PM from him about my review:

"You have been banned from submitting reviews for the next 14 days.
This is a result of the review you left for Cute puppies 4.1 on 11/25/08 at 7:34:52 PM:

Score: 10 / 10
Summary: SO CUTE!
Review: I love puppies, and you found the BEST pix of them! This was a great slide show, keep it up!

The moderator Malachy gave the following reason for the ban:

"Want to review a submission, actually review it. this submission had a severe lack of puppies so I have no idea why you would even leave such a review other than in an attempt to upvote a spam flash. "

Please review the review guidelines in the FAQ before submitting further reviews."

Hopefully, he'll see things my way, and we'll become great friends from this odd predicament! Wish me luck on my Malachy flash guys!

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So good and gooey...

I jerked to it. Very cool!! Keep up the awesome work. Nice easter eggs!
10/10 5/5

ChemicalVengence responds:

Thank you! Im glad you enjoyed it! Expect more fun stuff soon!


I love puppies, and you found the BEST pix of them! This was a great slide show, keep it up! lmfao!

ChemicalVengence responds:

YES!! More ppl should review this way!


I luv all da cute puppies I hope that malachy enjoys it because i kno i did. I sat and watched it for 2 straight hours it was pure fun :D

ChemicalVengence responds:

awwww, thank you! It IS fun to watch for a rly long time isnt it??

it bored me

it was a rare vengeance xD, but a good vengeance, it didnte make me laugh and it was a so boring but i give you 2/5 cuz i am so merciful

ChemicalVengence responds:

alrighty then, works for me!

Well, honestly.

It was kind of a pointless submission. But...still. It was more of a funny situation. And what's funny is that it didn't get blammed despite what the reviews said. I say, GO FORTH! BE ANGRY! BE VENGFUL AND KILL THINGS! Even if that means killing them with kindness or poking incesive fun at them to their face! MARCH FORTH!

ChemicalVengence responds:

Believe it or not, I wasnt too upset about the ban (as I've said in like 3 other reviews). This just gave me a random idea, and I just went with it. I think Malachy will see things my way here, this wasnt supposed to be hateful anyways, since that's a good way to get an account deleted....