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Halo Quiz

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Let's see if you are a real Halo Fanboy.


Im writing this review as i play. And so far mr Recruit707. You have no idea what your saying. Master chief was born on a colony and the unsc took him as a child and did the experimental tests on him to make him a spartan. Thoroughly breaking him to his core. Now i will play the quiz. (PAUSE) Okay so i answered all correctly. This was a very standard quiz, but it was very very good. To the people who say master chiefs name is john forge. No its not, i did alot more studying after halo wars and he is (read the thing i put up top about him.) And if you answered his name correctly then yes. Thats his name. Im giving this five stars because its all accurate and Just because the people below me need to work on there halo terminology. Thanks for reading and pm me if you think im wrong in any way and ill just show you the facts.

Master Chief is born on Earth dumbass!!!

To the kid who thinks master chief is john forge

Kid...His name is John Carter and he was born on Eplisius II (Or something like that). Wow are you dumb or something?

BTW nice quiz.

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one more note

to let's see if you are a real Halo Fanboy, what about Fangirls like myself?

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mastercheifs real name

his real name is John Forge, he was born on earth! either read the books or listen to the grunt at the end, even if u watch the halo 3 trail u know he was born on earth! please get it right last time! sorry for the low score it was short and wrong :P

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Nov 25, 2008
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