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My friend Peter got drunk and started making hilarious songs. Later on, I got drunk and helped make songs with him, eventually forming a band... then he decided to call the band Start Raving Nude!

[EDIT] This is supposed to be comic style! Meaning it's just picture, that way, you are more focused on the song... Check out Brad Neely on Superdelux.com to see where the comic art style is perfected



LOL That was funny. STFU Fonsasa it was yogurt not cum. 10/10 5/5


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Dylawrence responds:

Haha! Someone caught it... T4R (Thanks 4 Reviewing)


Dude you brought my stupid song to life!! The audio portal is taking forever to approve it, I think they think it's copyrighted by someone else or something. Oh well, we'll have to make even crazier songs in the future once I get my recording equipment back. You're skillz still amaze me everytime and I love the video! YOGURT. If you don't mind, take my last name out of the post info. Love ya man!

- Peter

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Dylawrence responds:

People really aren't digging the comic style... they just don't GET IT! and yes... more drunk songs should be guaranteed, get cracking on the equipment Broseph!

and whoops, sorry about the last name thing


The video is very funny and I have an idea for a cool movie.To see my idea go to my page.

A great music video.

The song was hilarious, but I really enjoyed seeing the lyrics come to life. The way you animated the man thong part was so funny. I also liked when you talked about Tom, ScaryMovieGuy, and Oney. Some of the animation was serious motion tweening, but I thought it was still good. I'll be sure to recommend this to the music videos collection. Keep up the great work!

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Dylawrence responds:

Actually, this was meant to be just stills.

Like a comic that goes with the music, that way, people tend to listen to the lyrics more, but still get all the visual jokes!

Jaw dropper

That was fuckin' awesome ^_^

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Dylawrence responds:

HAHA! Another happy customer! T4R

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4.33 / 5.00

Nov 25, 2008
5:29 PM EST
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