Sonic Epilogue Full Movie

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Edit: Thanks for all of your kind words and feedback! I'm new to Newgrounds, and so far I am loving all of you. (Btw, I am a girl--just fyi. :) Guilty of liking trance/techno.....)

Done for Sonic::Epilogue, back in the day. <3 Special thanks to Vanatom from deviantArt, who was so kind as to let me use his song, Break You Open (air edit)! This was actually timed to fit "Numb" by Linkin Park, and that version can be seen here: http://www.fuzzacademy.com/misc/se2.html . Anyway, hope you all enjoy. :)


Awsome at the same time OK

I loved it but at the same time i didn't it really hard to explain but is there a full comic of this or are you makeing up the ending because i could only find lssue 1?

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i dont get it

i don't really get it like why is tail older if he was only 8, and why does tails kills sonic if they are best friend i know that sonic was being control but did he really had to die? and who made this comic or epilogue are there any more than the one that end up when sonic transforms if there is please let me know ohh and if someone can answer me all this questions i made i'll be so happy ohh before i go i am new to this newgrounds page.

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why did you do it ?

it made me cry and made me think sad things. why.........did you do it?



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You're new to Newgrounds?

You'll fit right in. =P

With animation like this, you should try to be in TheWax70's collab or something. He has like 5 or 6 Sonic collabs with other people. I dont know how that works, but you draw really good =P Tails' eyes are a little small in my opinion for some scenes.... but who am I to judge this video...

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Nov 25, 2008
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