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Every puzzle consists of several Dice. Each Die has a number on it representing how many moves it can make. Move each Die to the Outlined Zones with no moves remaining. While some Dice can just be moved into the Zones, others will require more strategy.

Mouse to move Die
R key to Reset Puzzle
U key to Undo Last Move
M key to go back to Menu
S key to toggle Sound
Space key to look through Die

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can you make editor in this game?

A pity I don't get to unlock any achievements for it. Ho hum. It's a good pure-mathematics puzzle game. And as the actual music creator below me said, it is good music. Kind of reminds me of the "lullaby" by ghost music, for crayon physics, in that the game itself doesn't really match up with a lullaby, but if the music doesn't go for a game like that, it doesn't go with any game, and then you come out remembering the game for the music after all.

Spoiler alert. The 3 hard levels are 19, 34 and 35. Here is my solution, just for posterity.

My naming convention here is that they are numbered by their starting positions in order from left to right, and if 2 have the same left-right coordinate, the tiebreaker is that they are ordered from up to down. So opposite order of significance to reading, it's left to right is higher significance, top to down less.

5 left-left, 3 down-down, 1 right-right, 2 down, 4 left
3 down, 5 up, 1 right, 7 left, 4 left-right-right-left, 2 down-right-up, 6 up-left-down, 3 left, 5 right
1 right, 9 left, 3 left-left, 2 left-down-right, 6 up-up, 3 right-right, 8 up, 7 down-right-left, 5 up, 8 up-left-left, 4 down-down

yay, recognition!

I like hearing the song i wrote as the menu theme for this game. Thanks for choosing mine! Anyway, the game has an interesting concept, and it gets really challenging, maybe add some a hint system if u make an enDice 2

I liked it

It's a pretty clever game, but the first 33 levels become extremely easy once you figure out that parity is the most important aspect of game state. I think the progression of the levels doesn't match the difficulty. I breezed through 28-33 but had trouble with earlier levels.

Graphics and sound are both very polished. Very good job overall.


Simple graphics, seeming to be simple gameplay. Then you have the puzzle part which gets challenging fast. You really have to work your brain to figure this stuff out. Everything looks clean, and the levels are all well made, not one is out of place in difficulty. This is not another puzzle game.

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4.43 / 5.00

Nov 25, 2008
2:53 PM EST
Puzzles - Sliding