Ultimate Battles v1.0

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This is kind of a beta of and upcoming game i have planned, i wanted to test the preloader on NG and also wanted to see what you guys think of the nps programing? =D

oh and when your weapon upgrades, you have to hit the key it corresponds to again. ex: dagger upgrades, hit '1'.

if you have any questions pm me or write a review =D

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pretty good

It was fun for a while, but it got repetitive eventually, but like you said its a beta so that makes sense.

one thing I would recommend is, since your already giving it an assassins creed vibe, to make hiding spots to lower the alarm because after one kill, the hidden blade basically becomes useless since the enemies always dodge it when in yellow or higher.

So anyway, it looks good, has good music, fun

I can say I am looking forward to the final product of this.

acokecan responds:

good ill let you know when its done, and there are hidding spots, i just didnt put them in the beta, i only put the hidden blade in so you could test and see what its going to be like. The actual one has a campaign, a sandbox, and a multiplayer mode. maybe even more but thats all i have now. Oh and there is a bow and 3 other swords.


Good work, liked the game. The animations for both contact were a bit too long to wait for, as well as the characters were a bit big for the game, but otherwise nice.

Love this!

Ok, This game goes greatly with my ADHD and loving of just simple violence. Simple, mindless, violence. Anyway, the only thing I had trouble with is the upgrading of my sword, I was at 138 kills and my sword still didn't upgrade.

What an awesome game, can't wait for the beta

acokecan responds:

i think you can wait bahahahahhahaha!!!!!!!!!!


Would I be right on thinking you got inspiration from assasins's creed, it's quite alot like it, the icon, weapons etc.
Good, it take a while for a kill to registir sometimes though. And it was quite a big file size. Hope the full game is good and has more weapons and levels.
Keep up the good work though!

acokecan responds:

HAHA lol yup xD

Is it me or what ?

Graphic are okay , but after i kill 1 soldier my attack doesn't seem to have any effect of enemy soldier , what ever i hold down a check the distant close , near and far nothing even touch them , also the enemy range is somehwhat innacurate with the current enemy , i mean they touch you even if 'graphicly' they don't.

Maybe its my flash version or whatever but still i can't give it a good score because of these bug just make the game unplayable !

But continue the whole idea look very fine and the graphic where good. Keep up!

acokecan responds:

you were supposed to change weapons after you assassinate someone with the hidden blade.... you should ahve read the instructions...

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1.68 / 5.00

Nov 25, 2008
9:46 AM EST
Action - Fighting - Brawler