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Guns of the Awesome

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[edit3] *Fuckin' A, Tom. Added to the Awesome Collection!

[edit2] *Holy mother of Snake, so many reviews! So many views! Thanks you guys, it's really awesome and supportive. I want you guys to know that I AM reading them all, but I can't possibly
comment on them all >_<'' Thanks again!

[edit] *Many thanks for the frontpage! <3

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is an awesome game, but it was somehow criticized on its cinematic length. I've tried to reduce this to a level of pure awesome. I hope you guys enjoy my first drawn movie, entitled "Guns of the Awesome"!

Obviously a tribute to both the epic Egoraptor and the amazing Metal Gear Solid franchise.

There are 7 easter eggs throughout the movie! I expect you to search for them. :D



Kick fude

Freekin funny

Wow that was really good for not being egoraptor

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Found Easter Eggs!!!

1.click on meryl
3.click on the square on the right
4 click on the egg shape in the top right
5click on johnny
6.click on the window
7.click on big boss's face

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I don't see why people are giving you so much flak over this.

I played MGS4, and I laughed quite a bit at this parody. I wanted to to do an Awesome version of this game, but I couldn't ever bring myself to finish off a script of any kind.

secondstamp responds:

It's a hard thing to do, writing a script for this. I had to please the "Metal Gear Awesome" fans, the "Awesome" fans, the "MGS4" fans and the "I WANT ORIGIONALITY DAMNIT!" fans. It's got a bit of all, I guess.

Game over, I've fallenand I can't get up!

That was great, a little long, but great.

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4.31 / 5.00

Nov 25, 2008
8:09 AM EST
Comedy - Parody