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Squidwards Monument

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Im only posting this so it's online for my teacher to grade. Go ahead and give me a 0, this is really more for school than intenet usage


Very good, but its not good when if squidwards dead or what? not excellent but good

Interesting, to say the least! LOL.

I like the humor in this. The intro was long and almost dramatic, yet the actual "monument" part was random and pretty crazy. Classic.

I like your drawings - they are very accurate and colorful.
The animation is done pretty well, too.

The only bad thing that I have to say is that Squidward is sort of a narrow subject to do an entire presentation on. Maybe you should have done the "Spongebob" series in general as a monument.

So, in general, this is a pretty interesting movie you made. I'll give you a 4/5 for rating, and 9/10 in stars! Good job, and good luck on future submissions!

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im confused?

Is squidward dead? or is that some sort of bad joke? overall pretty boring but good drawing i give you a 4.

Ok why not post as a movie?

I understand that you nedded to post it for your teacher but...
Why not post it as a movie? As a movie I would have said great work, nice art, and I loved the ending. Yet as a game I feel extremly cheated waiting through what I thought was the intro only to see "The End". If your teacher wanted you to make a game then I am sure he/shee will not give you a great grade. If however they wanted you to make a movie then why not post it under movies?
Any as a movie 9 stars but as a game 0 stars.

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This is like the 3rd time you've submitted this.
There are plenty of other places to showcase your "temporary" work

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2.44 / 5.00

Nov 25, 2008
12:50 AM EST