Broken Time

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Just a test that I needed to try. Fighting Sequence. No Music,

There are sounds


cool moves

are you going to do some nintendo fighting game or something? that kind of fighting is kinda cool

if its just a test...

i honestly think your on your way to making a movie if it involves clone marios fighting each other. that was not a bad looking fight. now u just need a backdrop, story, music, and possibly voices :)

meh, it's ok

using sprites is good but you could have played with the camera angle or make some special moves. Try to put some of your own drawings in it, even if it doesn't look too sharp. Overall, it's ok... just keep working on it

Needs quite a bit to fix...

Your sprites are anchored wrong, causing them to move incorrectly and bounce.

In addition, the sound is out of sync with the action. Don't place the audio in a symbol, this causes a lag. Place it on the main timeline on it's own layer.

I can see where you're trying to go, but please put more effort and attention into something for a preview. This is not a dumping ground for animation tests, it's a place for people to put their completed work or completed previews.

You can see if your animation works just by pressing crtl+enter in Flash. No need to upload it here.

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2.32 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2008
10:57 PM EST