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This is my very first flash game. Let me know what you think. I'm happy to hear how to make the next game better.

Wow, thanks for all the great feedback and compliments.
I've uploaded a update. The leaderboard will only show with a score over 2000 now, I also lowered the gates a bit to avoid wedging and fixed the credits (they cycle once on add ball). I'm not sure how long it will take for the changes to show up.

Plink II will have changing levels and different types of balls with multipliers. It may possibly have bacon.

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the game plays itself.. i rather click to deploy a ball, its funner that way. and that sound effect gets annoying when there's more then 1 ball.

maybe let ppl know how many balls u have.. maybe make some of the pegs into multiplier pegs, they multiply whatever u get at the bottom.. i duno. needs some work, but it could be pretty good

Unique. For flash.

The game was surprisingly entertaining. The only 'problem' I had was that I had found a spot which allowed me to go on infinitely, and unfortunately I had a ball stuck between a peg and one of the lines on the bottom, so I could never end. This makes me think you should add some randomization into this, such as pegs randomly disappearing and then reappearing in 1-3 seconds. Also this could use some more color, the background, pegs, and ball were bland.

And remove the scoreboard, I got sick of going to it constantly after losing, and I honestly don't give a shit what other people got.

Ontopolis responds:


There's a little bit of randomness on where the balls come out of the spigot, but maybe not enough. I'll have to think of a way to make it a little harder without taking away the player's ability to control the ball. Thanks for letting me know about the trapped ball. I lowered the gates a bit so that won't happen again. I had solved that earlier, then I resized the stage without checking the clearance.

I also moved the scoreboard to only show up with scores over 2000 as a compromise between people who want to see it and those that don't. I'll come up with something completely different and less intrusive for future games.


Fun and adictive. One thing that really ticked me off though is that you start people of with just 1 ball which is kinda irratating because if it goes to the minus. You immediatly have to start over. I'd suggest starting people off with two balls and maybe having a timer so they can set the speed at which they fall out. Also the balls should interact with each other. Great game though.

Great fun

Smoth game play, good sound. I would like to see drifferent levels with higher point values.

Great, but hated the ads

Amazingly fun game, I just hated that I couldn't restart without watching the stupid highscore board pop up! The ad in the beginning is find, but PLEASE, take the scoreboard out.

Ontopolis responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I've moved the leaderboard to only show-up with a score over 2000. I'll look at somethign completely different in Plink II.

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4.00 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2008
9:18 PM EST
Skill - Other