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LL - Sacjfm

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Best movie since the 100 other movies like it!

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theres nothing good about this to me try alittle better man

At least , this is not 100% spam.

1st : this has no point at all. This have a good credit music , but the credit was longer then the flash itself wich is not normal for a flash being.2st :This had no seizure flashing and was a little animated so here , you got a 3 and a vote 2. This is nothing new or intersting ,but this is not 100% spam as I said and this is not an interesting flash. You know how to animated a flash ,so you could done a ways better then this.

No, Try harder...

Just no.... no effort, no humor, no good. Please try to animate something worth something and takes more then 30 seconds to make. Go out and buy a sense of humor too, because that, that was not funny.

Never again

Never, ever submit anything where the credits are five times longer than the flash.