Shamoozal NES Marathon 08

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Okay, this isn't really a "normal" entry into our animated stuff. This is a promotional video for our upcoming charity drive for Child's Play charity. The Shamoozal staff will be doing a 12 hour NES Marathon come 12/13/08, and we need all the support we can get.

We did a similar NES marathon rather low key during July and it was a nice success and a lot of fun. This time I decided to put together a little promo video for it, something we hope both Shamoozal fans, and fans of retro NES gaming will appreciate.

Many classic characters appear during the video, and I chose to base designs off some rather obscure and original artwork. Have fun watching, and I hope to see you there!


HaHa you lost every time

did anyone else notice that. Anyway good luck on your marathon it must be hell to play all those games lol

very good cause

that's like the awesomest marathon I ever heard of. I would love to do something like that. I can already smell the retroness of it all

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For a good cause

Now this is an awesome promo advert, as a fellow NES gamer (I bow and smile),
Hope your marathon goes great, and you receive a lot of buzz! =D

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OH god!!!! I would LOVEEEEEE to be apart of that!!

I hope all you guys are pros at NES!!!!
If im watching and someone keeps making basic mistakes ill throw something!!
Like the Gutsman stage fall on the Megaman gameplay! WTF was up with that?
Oh and Battletoads nice touch. Haha. Havent seen those guys in ages!

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Shamoozal responds:

Haha, I can say with confidence that I'm very good at many NES games. At the last marathon I took down the original Contra with only 3 men in 20 minutes, so thats something.

And yeah, the running gag of that video is that everyone died on every game that was shown. Believe it or not, I actually had a hard time sucking that bad while making all those clips. :)

I have a question....

where is this event held at? Is it somewhere like a place, or is it going to be in here on the internet? I just want to know just in case maybe I can be there. So please tell me where this charity event is being held at. So anyways.... I love the animation, and it was funny too. I can't wait to be there (if I can). It's a nice thing that you are doing to help kids.

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Shamoozal responds:

Yeah, you'll be able to watch the event streaming on the net through ustream.tv.

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