November 24, 2008 –
April 22, 2011
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Author Comments

Sequel to the massively popular Flash Element Tower Defense. This time
you are protecting your elements from being stolen by 7 different
types of creeps.



I ahve a withe screen 2 points for that >.>


how do you play a blank screen? OH! OH! You stare at it waiting for something to happen!.... Please fix this... I would like to play it sometime in this lifetime of mine.

This is the best game EEEVVVEEERRRR I love it when I can..
see a blank screen -.-

wow! too bad there isn't an "epic fail" category, huh?

It's broken! Fix please so we can play.

fix the loading and MAYBE ill post again

Oh my.... i can't even try this to give a good review.

Best game ever -white screen of madness

It doesn't even load. Nice job.

Fix the LOADING!!

i need my tower defence fix man....COME ON!!!!

Dude you need to fix the friggin white screen thing and get it to load!


it wont load but its fun the one time i did play it.

It Wont Load!!!!

okay i saw that a few people weren't able to load it.. and i saw that a lot of people who got to play gave it a pretty high score... hmmm... i'd say it'd be good. it not loading isn't this guys fault.. so i'll be fair with it... i enjoyed staring at this white screen for most the day. =D haha.

seems im not the only one that can't get it to load.. too bad i was looking forward to playing this..

it wont load it just wont load

seem to not work =(

ive played this before

I've refreshed it several times and it isn't loading for me either.

Why submit a game if it doesn't load?

but the game doesnt even load. bad start.

I have not had the pleasure of playing this game yet, ill just guess it was a 6/10! No, 4?10? Ok 5/10!

This game is really quite good! I played it on another site! Just because it doesn't load doesn't mean it's bad! I've Played this game several times and it never gets old. The layout of the trails and paths could definetely be redone well. The loading problem could be Newgrounds fault but it could have also been not submitted properly. But overall the time you spend on this game is well worth it. If I could buy this game, I defenitely would.

Thx for your time-


4.24 raiting yet no loading?

How come? =/

WTF?I was expecting a good game but it doesn't even load!


too bad it doesn't load

Your game is the worst game ever. I have watched this loading screen for 30 min and havn't lvled up at all....

i like this game better when it loads.....

that it doesn't load.
No stars.

I played it once. Long ago. Wish I could play it here again, too bad.

Someone thinking of fixing this?

says loading but it dont load...
but fun game i played on nother site

but ive played it else where and loved it

no load....

I love both of the games! =D

@whitehall: There is a loader...

My main problem is how vague all the context menus are. The big problem I see is upgrading things... If something has experience then the menus that show what the upgraded stats are at, are wrong, and at some points makes it look like a downgrade. The upgrades and experience should say what they are doing so people actually know whats better than what, instead of being totally lost and confused. It still needs to be fixed here too since I had to go to google and search for it on another site to play.

...everyone shuts the hell up, and searches "Flash Element Tower Defense 2" into Google. PROBLEM. SOLVED. Don't rate it if you haven't played it.

Please start with explaining the term "loader". This may be the point where many flash programmers like this one fails...
There's no way to access that game. Just circumventing a program by bybassing its loader may be a funny idea but it doesn't make a good flash game.

this game was so awesome why wont it work on this site oh well just be patient and calm down if u have not played it don't rate.

The game won't load. it just sits there at 100% but won't go to the game

that's bad cause the first one was pretty good actually

this sucks why can't it stop load? I will go rampage on the guy ho did this

a huge load of donkey turds. i bet it would be fun but it will not load. FIX THIS GAME PLEASE!!!!!

this is the worste thing i have seen on newgrounds and im also wondering why its still on newgrounds u need to fix it or it needs to be removed

...because it still isn't working at all. Fix it please.

(was sarcasm) fix it

play it on mofunzone

i kid you not, 13 months ago an excellent game drew my attention to newgrounds. it was this game. after months of not working and me turning 2 other lesser games, finally this linked worked! unfortunatly it was 2 a game that was but a fraction of what it used 2 be. and now even that doesnt work. give up the rock buddy, some people found joy in what u used 2 do well

BEST GAME EVER PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fix your damn game

Yeah fix the damn game already.....shit

Your game is NOT WORKING.
Understand that we cannot give you a single point as we have no more than a black screen.
Please repair it quickly, it must be a good game.

Its not working for me so it gets a zero.

It doesnt work. And im not one of these guys who vote, whether they didnt play it either... I wait with my vot when it works and i hope it will be soon, cause i love defence games :D

It has a voting score of 4.29/5.00 on the left side.

Maybe it USED to work and is actually good. I just hope the author shows up and has this fixed. Can't possibly pass on a game w/c is 4.29 score w/ 6,645 votes (that's already including those who voted with zero or 1 who experienced black screens). Hmmmm...


maybe i should click refresh for the 13th time? oh wait, the better idea is to read the reviews. fix this bs


this needs to be brought lower and lower until its gone or fixed

This doesn't work..fix it soon or take it off already!



dude i bet the games good but the screen is the problem some one has to has to fix it so 5/10

Just a black screen, but that's just a glitch I hope. I'll give you a 5/10 1/5 for what people say...

I concur with the other reviewers. Blackscreen = No Good

its a black screen :D

Great game :D

i bet you put hard work into this so 10/10

it's just a black screen. fun!

from my understanding this link hasnt worked in months... take it down an make it work... i was a huge fan of the first one

hurry up and fix it godammit. otherwise take it off.

hey everybody, lets vote 0/5 and 0/10 until they do something about and upload a game that works!

didn't even work

nothing... cant make it more than a 0. Please fix the problem, i like this kind of games


its not working and the link below doesnty work at all

this game is super legit

will some one ansuer 7932 because it dosent work for me ether

why does it not work ill give a fair review when i can play it and also where have other people played it at i loved the first one...sigh

it was my favourite defense game, and now i cant play on it, because i dont load!
loadin... 10%... 30%... 50%... 70%... 90%... 100%... 100%... 100%... :(

great game, i've played it before, but it doesint work any more? and after see 2 and 1/2 pages of 0's cuz the game didint load i dont think casual collective really doesint gives a shit about this game, and i REALLY dont want to have to leave NG to go to a diffrent site just to play one game, seems this has been happening with a few other games on NG i think it mite be a virus? but who'd wanna hack NG? eh thats just my parraniod mind talking...

preloader followed by black screen.

the story of my life.

It never loaded

ok so wtf

:L haha

i bet its a good game but it loaded and no picture came up

didnt load....

so u get 0'd


the link to the other site does not work and the game does not work here.
what am i supposed to rate it?

You're just asking for blams and such. Fix it.

this is still a black screen were going to fix this or what

Like everyone else, I too am having the same problem. It's just simply a black screen saying that it is 100% loaded. I'm still giving this a 5/10 because I often frequent defense games. You should probably consider re-uploading it, as has been suggested by several other peers.

Its happening to me to. I also agree with edwee, try re-uploading the file.

i got all excited reading the great reviews, but hey, same problem...it doesn't work!! its just a black screen saying its loaded 100%, the only thing I can click is the volume. (yes I did refresh 500 times!!)

It did not work it just froze at 100% please fix this!!!!!

I dont know what is is but we are all getting the same bug. Maybe it's time to re-upload like the guy below me suggests.

I'm rating it 10 because I've played it before, and believe me, it's awesome!

But seriously, please fix this soon! Not being able to play your favorite game is quite annoying!

iv played this game before, it owns! 5/5 10/10

I cant vote anything on this, beacuse it is not working. its just doing the same thing for me as for the last five or six people. I think something may have happened to the file, (or something) and since so many people are having the same problem, mabey you should re-upload the file...

I have played this game before when it was working and it is an excellent Tower Defence Game. There are plenty of towers to choose from as well as plenty of upgrade options for said towers. However, it is not working now and it may not even be your fault, but I will have to deduct it as it is not functioning when I want to play it. The problem is, the game doesn't load past the loading screen, so all that can be seen is a yellow and white bar with the words "Loading: 100%". Hope that problem can be solved soon.

it just stopped at 100% and didnt show up anythin, just black with a yellow bar and a white bar.

loaded to 100% then ceased to function at all, screen went black and it stayed that way for about 10 mins... so yeah I cant really say wether this game was fun or boring at all lol

Beat Easy first time through.

i got up to about level 47 fine...and then the enemies became unkillable and the boss has a few hundred hp. i dont even have enough money to build good enough towers to take him down. game was ok until then

that pretty much says it all
when is 3 coming out

i'm not sure why but this game inparticular refuses to load maybe it's my computer but i have the flash software

A great game that really does show the amazing potential of such a simple concept such as TD. The author of this game has taken it a step further.

although it can live up to its potential and beat many other TD greats, with the new possibility of sandbox, this tower defence original is probably one of the best

I've been playing this game a lot in the past week or two and as of yet I'm still finding it fun and entertaining each time I play.
Great Sounds.
Great visuals which are simple not over the top but do thier job effectively.
And also great re-playability.

On a side note I'm still not good enough to finish Map 2 and my best score is 57178 =P.

The game would have benefited greatly with maybe a sandbox mode.
And as with most of these defense game I think it would have been great if the waves never ended, because near the end just when I'm getting this awesome looking defense gauntlet the game comes to an end. Though I guess it would be just about slaughtering the enemy then and not having to worry much about any getting through.

I got 49429 points and this game rocks!

like how they take the elements and have to make it back safe.

Loved it so much, i put this in my favorites.. can only beat easiest mode so far!

dude i beat it on harder it was awesome but need better ending
still good 8/10 =)

yeah,man, its cool

pplz plz reccommend this for defense collection is a pain in the ass to find

Really nice, and the balance is really great too.


Can't load. Stops with white screen and "[7] Setup has failed: Loader bypassed" at the bottom.

5/5 10/10 and faved

I have had so much fun with this game, towers are all very unique and balanced and the wide variety of creeps makes each level interesting and challenging. It is also hilarious how each type makes their own sarcastic comments. Also thought it was a unique concept that they are taking your elements away from you, not just another loss of life system or a main castle getting attacked. Very well refined and very fun to play awesome job.

As i said, i think you make the best games on newgrounds that i have seen! I love they're voices ^^ "Saftey in number my arse!"

Pure genius, i love you space game aswell. You should really make these cost. You deserve it.

So, I've noticed you've built a RTS like engine that you reuse through out your games and it keeps getting better, having seen The Space Game.
I've completed the game up until the last two bosses which I cannot quite figure a strong enough defense to even hinder them.

That being said I'm giving this game a 9 due to it is now in retro state. I look forward to your upcoming games. Maybe you could package your collection into an arcade game on the 360?

I love tower defense games like this. The path gives you time to actually kill the stupid monster things and it doesn't just have one suckish tower. Great game. hope for more

10/10 5/5 bravo dude bravo...

i have a new wepon ples man incovers a robber carrying a element and ataaks

I've been playing this for 2 weeks now. If the next part came out as a commercial product with cool graphics and even more strategy depth I would buy it for sure. Got an idea for new creep: Robbers- become invisible and fast when carrying an element, so you should kill them on the first go. I think there should be more ways to spend tokens since not everyone pay attention to score (some, like me just want to complete the damn level).

this games pretty sweet!

Great job!, i just kept on playing and playing started to get really hard, how to see more of these games!

Great Job!!!!

for two hours and got to like level 40 or something... it just keeps ya going.. i dunno why

it kicks ass!

loved it and beat it

The graphics are nice, especially the backgrounds which is really rare in Tower Defense games. The enemies are also very distinct and charming.
The sounds are good and the monster voices pretty amusing although they could easily have had been more varied (each monster had four lines each?) and bosses could have had unique lines. I am missing some sort of optional background music (I didn't find any) though, as it tends to get rather silent the times you're too lazy to fire up iTunes or Winamp.
The gameplay is fun and the towers are well varied. The only one I didn't find very useful was the fire/splinter towers which I didn't even try for very long. I'm not sure if enemies can be frozen/on fire at the same time, I haven't tried, but even if they can the tower still feels pretty useless.
Some upgrades also seem very useless, such as I think it's the third level of one of the blue towers - a two meter range upgrade and nothing else. Upgrading rarely really feels worth it, unlike many other TD's.
So what I'd like to see in the next would be blended rounds, with several different kinds of creeps attacking at once. Many other TD's have them and it usually adds another level to the gameplay.
Some more maps would also be great, especially a feature to create your own maps.
Very amusing Tower Defense though and the difficulty is pretty OK. My first time on Easy I beat the game and only missed like 5-10 enemies, the second time like 20-30 (bad tower setup), playing on Normal I got to 47.

This is the first Elemental tower defence that was actually doable. I can easily say, that this is the game, which happens to be better then its older version. I like how you can regain those Elements back. I only did one playthrough and i got to about level 45. i think that is a good spot. After that i quited. Just because i noticed that my setup wont take me any farther. I think of redoing and having the setup better. Nice game. Rated 10 out of 10. It's obvious, for this strong game.

one of my favorite tower defense games!

Its a simple and yet hard game. Very addictive and easy to play...I gave a 9/10 because sometimes the game goes on longer instead of finishing on level 50 it goes on to 60 sometimes....and its really really hard. Anywho....great game and keep it up, looking forward for a sequel perhaps?


This is one of the best and most addicting games i ever played. For all who need help beating wave 50, (its SUPER simple) just fill the interior path with basic towers and upgrade them to the max. Thanks for the game CasualCollective! :D

I've played it a few times a day since it came out!
I already beat level one, but can't beat the other two.
I LOVE IT SO MUCH! it is challanging, and addictive, and fun.
my new favorite Tower defensive game ever

the comments of the creeps were cool
great game where can i play part 1?

The second map is challenging! I've only made it to wave 45....

Good game all in all. :3

THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! You should put it on a disk and sell it with the first one. Seriously. This game is so good it makes me want to scream!

Good game barely beat with one element left haha.

a fantastic game, but i completed it first try... and i think it needed some music but it is an awesome game and you should carry on making more like this, however for the next game may i suggest that you put a difficulty level so that people of different skills can have just as much fun, thanks for posting this game and killing my evening =c]

i finished the game

congratzzz realy good game and i survived the last lvl without losing an element yay

this game is totally AWESOME!!! I love it! Once i played this, i came to the last lvl! that lvl sucks... BUT! This game is highly addictive just like poison-bananas said!

Fun , very fun , more tracks would have been cool and maybe some music otherwis WOOO !

great game kinda boring though

I've been absurdly obsessed over trying to pass the hardest level on this game. I've spent hours doing so. Do I regret any of it? Nope! It's still fun as shit!


i have wasted many hours playing this game, my eyes have gone bloodshot and i smell of my own urine and facaes, this is the effect the game has had on my life.

it has corrupted my soul, im organising a nazi-bondage-fest all because of this game.

this is no lie

this was awesome but too easy, well maybe then i should of played the harder course than, lol i got 36112 so try to beat that newgrounds!!

Loved playing this! Tower defense games are my favorite. Keep up the good work

Very good game! The VERY defense game, with towers and upgrades and enemies and all that stuff. The only thing is: few upgrades. There could be much more of them, and more towers. And another thing, it doesn't last much (I beated it in less than 20 minutes). So, on the next one, more upgrades and more playtime. But it would be unfair if I don't rate it 10.

1 thing

culd hav a save feature

Good game played alot of tower defence games before on other sites this one is good but needs better wepon choice and more money for kills well thats that have fun enjoying this game

Ha ha, is it just me or do the common grey sound like a certain manic depresive robot i know( hint hint Douglas Adam fans) any way very good game 9/10

Great game and i love what the creeps say.

"Strengh in numbers my ass."

Funny stuff


Me and my cousin played this yesterday, got killed on the last level. I really liked it, the way it is in all ways. Nothing really to improve in it. Well done.

One of the best defense games i ever played.
it's hard but not impossible
have several kinds of creeps, each whid one habiliy
well strutured
And is intense!
keep the good work ^^

I love this game

i played for hours till a boss got me lol grate game!

i think its near the best tower game.

really good going to options turns on blood and giblets he he funny
great game verry addictive and well made good job!!!!!

l found the game really enjoyable and fun the sound and graphics were good and every thing moved along at a good pace keep up the good work!

I had beaten it on the first map, it was quite difficult. The only element I had left was the Red one. Quite ironically, the only towers I DON'T use are the fire ones.

Best td ever dunno why i play td after all lol

I'm not sure why but these types of games are some of my favorites.

One of the best of these I've played yet.

it was fun but got old aftter 20 min but was still better than old vertion the best series is retarded animal babies

its a great game but after playing it for a long time it gets old but all over a great game

It is to damn hard!
The main difficulty is earning since you only get 14$ a
kill in the later lvls T_T

Comment: Good job. The gameplay was the best thing. It's just that I thought it just wasn't good enough for me to give a 10 on a sub-group.

Gameplay: 9/10
Difficulty: Very Hard (7/10)
Setting(s): 7/10
Items/modification (certain games): 6/10


Side-comment: It's so hard for me that I couldn't beat level 50 on 2 turns. I figured if you just kill one if you have all elements, you will win.

I agree with Hunteruid. Once you surpass a certain amount of levels - you'd expect to gain a lot more than $14 a kill. Especially considering the extreme difficulty it takes just to blast ONE... Because, then after that, your skrewed and now just playing the game just to kill the 1 bug with your element until you run out.

Great game - loved it - but needs a slight bit of balancing to be perfect. We are, after all, not perfect. (Not everybody is a master gamer score hog)

Oh which reminds me. The Dare and Double Dare challenges? Are you kidding me? Was this game only intended for some kick ass hardcore players?...

I had a great time playing this. I got up to level 50, but sadly found out on the last level, just before dieing, that i could atually sell and build while playing. if i could have just sold a few of my already passed up towers in order to build and upgrade some really quick near the starting line, every single one of those bastards would have been dead ; p The first one got away with a little green left in health, all the rest were literally not showing any green. This was very fun, and the first one of it's type that I've made it so far in. I had a good time, and the voices were funny through the whole thing : D Very nicely done lad!

THE GOOD: the gameplay is just outstanding...and it requires some creativity.
it s also cool that you can upgrade towers too.

THE BAD: i cant say that there is many bad things in the game...but..everything was just too easy...even "ouch-mode".

but its one of the best flash games ive played...so you are getting a 10.

just get a bunch of the second splash towners and about 5 slow towers and they all use slow at one time and some times they cant move lol

very good job

Great game, although not very original (another Tower Defense..).
Easy level is simply easy (finished at 1st try), yet "Ouch!" seems impossible. I managed to get to lvl 50 in ouch, but.. Has anyone finished it on highest difficulty?

The fact you get only $14 a kill once above a certain level really shits me off, since by then you need hundreds upon hundreds in order to make strong towers.
Would be way more fun if the odds were balanced a little better, nothing wrong with blowing shit up.

I've got to say that this is one challenging mofo. The first time I utterly bombed because I was feeling powerful and double dared at lvl 35, forgetting it was a boss battle. The second time I made it all the way to 50, although barely. Tip for those having trouble with lvl 50 : If the bosses get an element and the last one gets out of range of defenses down by the elements, sell the damn things and upgrade/build nukes closer to home! I barely did it, but I beat lvl 50 without losing a single element!

mostly because i didn't know u stopped giving tokens after lv42. i had no more elements to put back after 53 zzz

and to other reviewers: the yellow element is USEFUL to survive the later parts where you can no longer kill ALL the creeps

It's a good tower defence among it's genre. Enjoyable and addicting slightly :P
Since everyone else tells the obvious, I think that in this special case I do as well.

Level 50 at first try no sweat. Meh...

hasnt this been posted yet? I see it on it's original website with it saying it was made 2 years ago. All this guy did was download it off the website and post it here. but anyway, LEVEL 49 BIATCHES!!

on my first go was so close had a lot of towers but i guess that was not enough

made it to 44 on hard

i finished it in 1 go... but it was veeery challenging, this game is awesome... 5/5 and 10/10... way to good

More people with the IQ of -40 Trying to be smart with their big words with spelling. I laugh at that (the ultimate defense game!) I just really laugh at these dumbcraps trying to be smart on a very good defense game. Stop. Making. Crap. Comments. That. Lol. S. Me. Up.

I lost more time than I care to admit playing this little treasure. A fun toy, and the ability to stop play between each level and come back later makes it something you can enjoy in the background while doing something else- Schoolwork, for example. The voice work for the creeps lends personality that pulls the game up from its simplistic aesthetic. I would love to see a sequel with more. More creeps, more path configurations and more things to spend your tokens on. The only flaw I can see is the uselessness of some of the towers. Yellow and Red towers are right out, and even purple and blue have only limited appeal. Balance these elements and there's the potential for greatness.

If you want to have fun, do the entire game with all green towers. I only tried it on easy, but it does work. A mix of gun towers and chain gun towers takes everything out. Only lost one orb the entire game :)

love it but can you like make a sandbox and some minigames thx

p.s wheres the first?

this game is probably the most simple, yet challenging defense game on newgrounds. The only thing I can say that would make it any better is to add more variety of towers, creeps, and paths. also you should add music like the spook loop or Rhodes jam you know, casual music. well other than that, I just can't tell you thanks enough for creating the ultimate defense, and ultimately, putting the defense, in defense games.

this game is worth playing if fun and easy

It was hard, but it was the most fun I ever played on newgrounds for defense.
Easy: Long track and monsters have less health than other difficulties.
Harder:Just think of it as medium.
Ouch:It hurts to know that you'll lose quickly.

That bloody last level is well difficult! But good difficult. Its a fun game.

On my first attempt, I was able to get toward the end of the game before losing [on the easy map]. After five or six tries, I'm able to complete all levels on the hard map [after completing both easy and medium].
Quite entertaining, it will keep pulling me back as I know I can beat it, but not perfectly [as I keep using tokens to reset my elements]. Only thing I would like is to see an "infinite money" mode where I can just waste my time with random turrets, like seeing how far I can get with just burn towers, and nothing more.

Graphics: Simple, but to the point
Audio: Voices are cute, but can be annoying, turrets get to be a bother when you have dozens and dozens of them but it's to be expected. No music that I can hear. With the mute button, the audio is fine.
Gamplay: Lots of replay factor as long as you enjoy 'defense' games. I got hooked on the originals back on StarCraft [Turret Defense], and always have enjoyed them. A fun game to kill time if you're not a huge fan of the turret defense genre.

Overall: Definitely a game worth playing, and I hope to see a third.

Its addictive but it gets expensive in the end, and that makes it hard, also that just a couple gets trough then you are dead because then next wave will be biger, and the a couple takes you stones out and you lose....
but its still fun so 9 stars

I loved this game. However, I noticed one problem: money.
You simply don't get enough cash to build, upgrade and replace the towers required in the mid/late stages of the game. The second level towers are far too expensive for their use. Money just takes too long to accumulate. I usually have to sell at least one or two towers to afford a single Jet or Gatling Tower, which requires another load of cash to upgrade. The only thing that got me through the last fifteen or twenty stages was returning my elements every round.
Other than that, great game.

this is a fun game

This is a great game... I cant stop playing it...

On the 2nd track, I reached lvl 49 ( a multiple of 7, as you no doubt know) and completed it. I was perplexed when I had not earned the 10 tokens I was due. That needs to be addressed, either by re-wording the token earning to "after a boss fight", or by giving the tokens to players at the appropriate time.

Now that that's out of the way, here's what I think of the game as a whole:

Music and sounds: 7/10
No music to speak of, but I tend to listen to something of my own when I game anyway, so no fault from me there. The Mob voices were initially very humorous, but quickly lost their appeal.

Visuals: 9/10
Simple, but sweet. Very well done.

Gameplay: 8/10
It seems like there's a point, well into any of the difficulties, where the mobs are suddenly FAR more powerful than those in the previous level.

So, to recap, an 8/10 4/5, and keep up the good work.

This game is extremely addictive. i almost played all night until i beat it

This is the best tower defense game by far i have ever played but levels after 42 were tough at time i would not kill 1 creep except the ones who were carrying the element if you increase the amount of money gained from killing them it would be helpful
btw make make it possible for burning towers and slowing towers effects to stack also the game is bit repetitive add an extra unit like unit which resists a certain tower cuz the unit that suppose to resist the burning and slowing
towers isn't really doing the job .
Very great game btw hope you come out with 3rd!

I was able to beat wave 50, but I thought the wave right before it was even tougher than the first one. You should have increased the money amount gained after killing creeps a little more, it would have made the game much better. The amount it's set at right now makes the game very, very tough, even on the easy map.

Overall, great game.

i dont like how it truns the frist one was aboul to put them everywhere but still fum i got to level 46

This is what I think most defense games should strive for: a well implemented structure that's easy to pick up and is able to bring people back. The game is a lot of fun, and doesn't seem like it will get old soon. The graphics are clean, and the game plays nicely. The creep's voices are fun to listen to, and the sound effects greatly help the game. I do have two problems with it. One of which is the repetitiveness of it. There are only 3 levels, and if you discover a set up that works, there isn't enough variety of towers to incite you to switch it up. The other is the credits. You get 10 every level, and if you do well enough, then you don't have to re-buy elements. That leaves you with 8-10 resets, which are too much, even on hard. All and all a very good game, with a few issues holding it from greatness.

(that shoulda been the title) But anyway, this is the first game ever where the characters comments don't make me wanna kill babies.

what a great game i got to lv 39 and died but a real good game :D

I finished all the levels in one sitting, it's an awesome game, I loved all of it! Very long though ;).

Possibly problem on my end, or with the site. It doesn't load at all? Just a white screen with 3 red full stops in the left hand corner. :s

perfet game and good wepones my favorite is chain gun. but theres over like 50 levels. i think theres over that much but very good game.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!!!! I have played similar ones to this before and it always gets me addicted...hours...NO! Days of fun for the whole family! Keep up the good work!

i love this game i got to level 46 then i got bored nd quit i shouldve kept going now i regret clicking the x to exit (T_T)

A cool tower defense game. I liked it a lot, but it needs something to keep you interested after dozens of levels. More weapons or more kinds of enemies, or something?!?

I pretty much cleared the game with nothing but chainguns and arrow tower, all fully upgraded of course. For the last boss, I added a couple of the sticky towers. Though pretty easy, I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I loved the sound effects, and that the monsters commented before an after they were obliterated by my towers. Keep up the good work.

Great game. Keep up the good work - I'm looking forward to your next one!!

wow are some of you guys for real? The money doesn't increase by much because that would make the game ridiculously easy.

-====tips ===-
-hold off buying stuff, let the interest gather it really adds up once you get lots of money
-get the towers that do area damage, add more when the creeps start to take your elements more than a little way
-use the slow towers before any of your main ones to get enemies grouped together
-once you have over 3000 gold upgrade your towers once then let the gold pile on more, do this every once in awhile but not to often cause you want to build more interest
-add some arrow towers in between the area damage ones, upgrade these slowly as well
-continue doing this add more as necessary, for the last 3 levels use all your money on the big sniper towers (if you did it right you should have over 10 of these easily and you shouldnt have space for any other kind of tower)

The last level was to easy, they didn't even make it to my elements.

pretty damn addicting. good TD
i was pissed cause i got to level 50 and lost.
still very fun
good shit

But the only thing i don't like is that further down the road the creeps HP increases but the money you get for killing them doesn't increase...enough.... its quite annoying and if you miss one boss ur are screwed. plz fix.....other than that it was great!

I liked it, but I would not play with it for ages like other ones. I'm not a big fan of TD that don't give you the option of building a maze.

Improvements that could be nice :
> save the speed preference. Having to set the fast forward thingy everytime is annoying
> allow to send more than one wave at once
> add some kind of timer !
> moar towers, MOAR

pretty good but when i beat it i only had the green and the red one left lol

I particularly liked how you could completely recreate your defense after every level.
There need to be more games that allow 100% refund after each level.

And there was no timer!
I could take my time between levels =D

One of the best TD's out there.

At the beginning, I didn't see the button to put the elements back, and i didn't get the "upgrade" stuff. That was challenging (can do it, but really hard).

And when I got it... "bah, another defense game for sissies..."

I won :]

I love it, it is very enjoyable!

Very addicting, but I can't beat the hard one >.<

accidentally pressed double dare and failed instantly...maybe make an "are you sure" button for it.

i played it while i watched tv... awesome.
is there a next part?

was fun while it lasted

I love tower defense games. The elements were a nice twist, instead of the usual method where you lose life once they cross a line or something. Minimilistic graphics where nice too, didn't take away from the point of the game.

Flash Element Tower Defense 3? :P

Nah I'm kidding, I know it takes ages to make something like this. Keep it up!

I enjoyed this game, and have added it to my favorites. The variety of enemies, each with their own special abilities, is good. I enjoyed the token concept more than the normal "x number of lives" method. I also like the fact that towers will level up over time. However, I think the rewards for killing enemies don't ramp up fast enough to compensate for the increased enemy hp at higher levels, and the shifter enemies either need to be slowed down or have much lower hp. The sniper towers are a joke; even against shifters, I got more use out of my green and purple towers than my sniper towers. The shifters disappear, the sniper tower hits one of them (not even killing it at high levels), and by the time it gets ready for a second shot the shifters are visible again anyway. The sniper towers should either be sped up significantly, or have their damage increased sufficiently that a maxed out sniper tower can kill any non-boss enemy with one shot. Overall it's a very good game though- 9/10.

Pretty good defense tower game..

Hard level = HARD.. but thats how its meant to be..
keep it up

made it on the first map and the second aswell. It was so damn addictive =P It should have more maps and some gamemodes though. and you should make the burn and slow effects stack.
great game anyway, good job =D

what can i say, this game is fun and addictive, but by the lvl 53 i start to feel that im playing against monsters in god mode (practically the damage i deal is insignificant and they just laugh at the sniper towers).
anyway great game

Very well made, beat it first time through. Going to go through it a second time soon.

So Addicting me any my bro played for hours.

Great game. I only gave you 9 out of 10 because the last level was impossible!

it was a great game but then i fuckd up at the second to last level. dam it you should make a level select or god mode!!!! lol good game tho

I wondered what you would do as a sequel to the Flash TD....didn't really think there was much to do, but you created an awesome game that is beyond my expectations. Great work man! This game is stupid fun. 10/10 5/5. Great work.

Nice solid defence game but at later lvls (like 30+) the bountys were waaaay too low

but after a while, it's just an exercise in frustration. Prices for advanced towers are too high to keep up with the ridiculously high number of hit points. Suggestion: Allow tokens to be spent to increase interest rate.

really nice game :)

its a good game gets boring after bout 20minutes

More levels and more sayings all thats really needed for 3. One of the better ones ive played.

still to complicated for the non-die hard fan of tower defence. simplify the interface!

"safety in numbers my ass"

รจ beddizzimooooooooooooo..dio can!!

the only way to make this game better would be to create an alternate universe where it already is!

Pretty fun game. More upgrades and more ways to earn money will be better.

Awesome game, nicely balanced and the creep comments are hilarious.

Wow its extremely fun but a little too easy so it gets boring after a while but it is probably the best tower defense game Ive played. Good job

This a nearly perfectly executed game.

However, the shifter class of enemy has a flaw. When the shifter goes invisible, all effects disappear as well. The shifter should continue to be slowed or burning.

Otherwise this is a great TD game. Bravo!

Even better than the 1st one!

must try !!!
i try to do it on hard
its immposible

havent played a tower game since Warcraft 3, so that was a nice thing to see again :)

I did it! Killed every one of the last boss!

This is one mean game.
I completed all 50 levels on easy.
I dont think I would succeed on medium or hard trough.
I lvoe this game!

the game was addictive, though i only played once. Overall it was easy though after lvl 40 it got much harder. Though it was beatable. All i had was Maxed up Chain gun towers and Sticky Towers. Only thing is... do the fire towers even do much.. coz i had them for like lvl 5-15 but they didnt really have any effect even when i put them at the back to catch the leaks..

lost at lv 45 lol
Great Game
just one problem, its addicting!! X_X

The normal difficulty level was really easy, the hard difficulty level was too hard.

level 47was too hard for me

multiple towers. admittedly i had isues later in the game but its all about the dps.

thi is one of the best tower defence games i have ever played and thats alot!. The best part is how you can dare and get better stuff for killing thats a great thing to have out in mate GREAT JOB!.

Wow... it took me a long time but a beat those freaking little bastards! HA! HA! Ok... that was awesome, really awesome I loved it, it kept me entertained so much!

Crap... where am I?

cool, but not enough maps

just beat it again, only useing green towers, top that :p

but levels 40+ are bullshit.

Make it a bit harder since there are more turret and the turrets are easier to get, but still great game. (I finished it on my 1st try.)

But it got way to hard on the later levels

Cool, First one to win the game!

I think...

Anyway :

Maps-8.5/10 (Only Three Maps, I would've likes to expirament with some more)

Great Game Good Job!

i played this first one and this is a great sequel its better then the last one :D

An AMAZING GAME! I got to lvl 50 on my second try (First try I was like, shocked to see the last boss and how there were 5 of them -sigh-)

***But if you need a hint just look below, if you don't want a hint from me, just play the game and don't read my comment. :P

Ok, I did finished the game on the easy track, so pick it if you want to just finish the game at least once. First of all, make some fast shooter towers (I forgot what it was called, hehe, short term memory sry. It's the green one, right left of the purple cannon) Put those at the top where the "S" is of the road.

"S" is the bend part of the beggining of the road for the easy track. Then upgrade the green shooter ones (you should plant 2) to the highest level they can be. After that, get some money and put 2 purple cannon ones ANYWHERE beside the green ones.

Note: You won't need the purple cannon ones later, but just for the red-mob rounds (The one in which they are packed).

Once you kill the first boss, add your 10 points on the FIRE element AND THE ICE element. Immediatly once ur fire element, look to see if you have atleast 155 money. If you do, hurry up and make a fire tower (the one that costs 155 of course, not the other one that is like 500+ money)

Make the fire tower right at the BEGGINING of the "S" bend. It should be right where the bend starts to happen, and as I recall, there should be 2 open squares for you to put the fire tower at. Now, just simple put it at the bottom and press "GO"

Now your main goal is simply to get enough money to buy the Splinter Tower which is EXTREMELY useful.

Oh! Once you have your fire tower up, sell the 2 cannon towers and make new green towers (make sure u upgrade them to their fullest before adding another green tower)

DON'T add too many. About 5 is fine. Make sure you put the 5 fully level-ed green towers inside the second curve of the "S". I mean 2nd curve by, you see how the S has 2 openings to it? One is at the bottom, and one is at the top? I mean, the letter S how it has 2 openings. Put the 5 green towers inside the upper opening, and then just wait.

Yea! Just press GO and wait! Wait until you get enough money to buy the second fire tower, the splinter. Once you do, you can just simply press go and relax. Trust me, if you are doing exactly what I'm saying at the right time, you should not have to worry about the level after you put the splinter tower there.

The splinter will immediatly make the enimies (well, not immediatly but quickly) to 1 and then ur green towers will do the rest. Later on, make ur splinter tower level up to the fullest, and then from here on out, you gotta be more careful.

If you are above lvl 40+ by the time you finish that part of what I'm saying, then you gotta hurry.

This is what you should do after the splinter tower (FULLY LEVELED) is built:

Make 2 of the small 25 money slow towers, and put it at the top of the "S". Yep! Very top, best you put it near the beggining of the straightening of the S. Put one at the very left of the top of the S, and one EXACTLY one space right of the first tower.

Soo... You should have an opening for one more tower between the two slow towers. If you have money, put a 300~ something cost FREEZE tower in the middle.

If you don't have money, just press go and get some. DON'T be eager to spend more money on the green towers. Once you have the 2 slow towers and 1 freeeze tower, start getting money for another splinter tower at the down-slant on the right part of the map.

Make a pslinter at the beggining of the down-slant (put it inside the downslint so it can hit more enemies) and put more green towers near it. You should be near lvl 45 by now. If you have more money, INCREASE the checker-board kind of ice towers you have. Make another freeze tower right of the slow tower, and another slow tower right of the freeze tower.

It should be: Slow (Tower), Freeze (tower), Slow, Freeze, Slow. Now, if you have EVEN MORE money (wow) put more green towers. ^^ That's all! Good luck!

ive only played it once so far, but i won it on easy. This is very good. U just need to reset the elements every stage. This is a bit easy to do, so next time have less tokens.

Only got to level 45 but still loved every minute of it...shouldn't have double dared...its to hard to turn down though lol...nice game

good really addicting tho the better towers r 2 expensive

nice and hard

so addicting

man that last one was hard!but still that was a great game.next time i will have to build a better defence=)

this is probably one of the best tower defense games i've ever played. my only problem is that the better towers are to expensive since the creeps dont give that much money

Great game. Loved it. Those sounds were great. "Medic!!" :D Easy lvl realy is easy, done all 50 lvls. But creeps don't give enougth money later. Get's hard to keep the defences up in a good shape. Keep them going ;)

If you havent play this game you havent lived!

Really, all I, can say is I, love it!

great job I barely beat it on easy

I honestly enjoyed this game. I don't know why anyone bothers comparing this to bloons TD3, bloons is a very unique type of TD.

0.5/1-Music and Sounds- Well honestly, there was no music.
0.5/1-Graphics- Like i said, too simple.
2/2-Controls- Well both mouse and keyboard controls. Thats a definate 2
0.75/1.5-Originality-(See summary)
2/3-Gameplay-(See summary)
1/1.5-Replay Value- Well you have different courses. Not much tho. See summary for bit more details.

I wasn't too brutal was I? Anyways, the gameplay was almost maxed. However in all 3 maps i found out the same strategy worked. Using Fires at the top and end with assorted spreaded colors in the middle. So you lost a point for repetitiveness. You game was close to being original, ok not really. You had a unique life system which i gotta say i gave props for. However everything else was either unoriginal or a really bad copy. The towers had many already seen abilities, and the fact that there were 2 same tower types that had the exact same ability just made it worse. I can at least think of 2 different ability sets for each element. Lastly, each time i played, it felt real short. As i said there was a simple solution to most waves. So i hardly had to think after the first time i played. Don't forget, however, that this game can STILL use alot of improvement.

-Leave space between fires and slows. They cancel each other out.
-Snipers should be in the middle, to make good use of their max range.
-Purple towers are actually useful. They have a decent fire rate and are stronger than greens. They are also cheaper btw in second form.

-Well the blue towers have 2 abilities. No thots here
-Green tower 1 shuld have an ability. Im thinking something like a rapid fire when fully maxed.
-The red tower number 2 shuld have an area damage skill. Like x dmg/S while a monster is in its vicinity. Of course this is a much higher dmg/S than burn, but the area is small.
-Also, lessen how much burn does
-The Yellow towers should have more of a lightning and thunder thing going on. One is still a sniper, however the lightning one does a chain attack where the attack jumps from enemy to enemy, getting weaker as it hits more enemies. Also the correct term for the "chain gun" should be spreader or something.
-Blue towers should have, still a very weak, dmg/s
-Add more maps
-Add difficulty settings. Like Easy mode where monsters are 50% hp or something to that tone.


played till 50.
didn't beat it tho ):
good game, 10/10

I like how it is not focus on killing enemies, but defending your elements.
Nice choice of towers, too. They allow many strategries

I played untill lvl 49 it was fun but you must be very bored while playin this game s
it is very fun nnnnnn enjoy playin it

great game i made it to level 43 it wastes alot of time but later on in the game it just gets way to crazy enemies with 30,000 hp thats insane

its a time killer... thats all i have to say...

Not bad at all, my only complaint is that it's too easy, I beat it my first shot. Up the difficulty a bit, and we've got a winner.

Very fun, and gets hard...fast :O

very gud bt i must be a td master cause i could kill all of the lvl 50 bosses bt ne way its alot of fun but might be better if u made some kind of story line to the mazes tho

It's harder to :o

The game is neat and all and I loved it the only downside was the things u could buy wit the tokens. im ok with the elements but daredevil and DD only give score? u should make them for money. overall it was awesome

I liked the ability to speed things up!..cool upgrades... liked the "capture the flag" aspect!

This game rocks man! upgrades ar sick and the turrets are cool... My only advice: make another one!

but it could have a little more variety in it like diffrent levels and more towers but still a pretty good game

better than flash element TD for sure, awesome game, love the voices and the gameplay

This is so awesome! The graphics are clean and slick, the voice-acting superb (Don't really care haha.), and most of all, there's a good depth of strategy involved. It would be good to add more tower varieties to spicen things up, but it was pretty clear about all the great roles of the towers (Except for the Cannon Tower, it was useless in the later levels.), I found myself relying on the good ol' Archer Tower. :D It was pretty awesome, and your comedy on the cute critters, err, creeps, was excellent! Quote from the regenerating dudes: (Coming into the maze) "We come in peace!" (When dead by my skillz) "We leave in pieces!"
P.S. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! :D

fun and stuff.
i would write more but im lazy.
nice game

This is one of the first times that i lose a game of this kind.And i'm impressed, most of these games it's usually a piece of cake.Congratulations.

My main problem is how vague all the context menus are. The big problem I see is upgrading things...
If something has experience then the menus that show what the upgraded stats are at, are wrong, and at some points makes it look like a downgrade. The upgrades and experience should say what they are doing so people actually know whats better than what, instead of being totally lost and confused.

Definitly fun, and very difficult in the good way. It's a challenge and you have to save money but also have to spend it to survive. Very fun and very very appealing.


perfect defence game, nuff said

this game was very appealing. im a lover of td games and almost overlooked this one. no im glad i didnt

i love td (tower defence) games there the shit..i like the lil sounds and how they explode COOL GAME

lol it was well addictive.. LOVE the sound affacets tho

i love the sounds! they are funny... but the store (give the monsters 2x health and get 2000 points) is very missleading, i have done that several times thinking that i would get 2000 money lol

it was that awesome, got a bit repetitive, but i had to get to level 50, addicting as hell.

i enjoyed this very much
more maps would be nice and a different background for each map would also be good eg. tundra desert etc.
btw if you want to win splinter/chaingun combo is your friend

looked up in the corner and realized I had played for 25 minutes, incredible! more voives, with only three or four phrases for each group it can get annoying hearing
"ouch, ohh, ouch, ohh, ahh, ouch, ouch,"
great game

This game is pretty cool. It's really addicting, so if you don't want to spend your time on this website, no clicky.

this game is one of the best also i beat it no leaks in last lvl killed em all and only lost 1 element in total of all game and it was the fire one got 27533 score (dunno if its high or sumthing)

Pretty good game in group of Tower Defence games.

But it wasn't so interesting to me...

Man Im addicted to your game...
Ive been playing it non stop for the last few hours

its so basic but yet so fun and entertaining and its great to pass the time with 'great work on this game'

I heart this game, very fun and very challenging.

It took me awhile but I beat all the levels! There is one slight problem, when I finished the first lvl it said I had been playing for 17 minutes when I had been playing for well over an hour.

That was fun, but little bit too easy, passed it on all 3 levels no problems.

PS : Use interest at u're advantage

what a neat little D-game, and what i especially liked were the little british voices! very cute!

wow i played to level 31 and it freed my boredum.......thanks

i played for like, 35 levels till i got balls and fucked myself over haha
good shit tho

it was a good game but it glitched.. i lost all my elements on 1 level and my game didnt end..

i had 2 elemensts left.. and it said you have lost all your elements game over..
wth man

The first was way better and this game looks crapy almost as if its not the sequel. After awhile the enemies get to powerful for the towers and you cant afford better ones.

It was weird, I lost all my elements (I wasnt trying) and the game went on and on and I never lost =D

It was a good game with good mechanics yes, but there are two things wrong with it:
1. you are calling it a sequel to (from what I can see) a game you did not make. Now, I don't know for sure, you very well could have gotten permission to create a sequel. However from my current possition I see no inclination of this so that will dock you some points

2. You made the sequel to a hit game that I have spent HOURS playing at a time, but you totally re-did the graphics, and did not live up to they hype the name had created for it.

So, you did a decent job, but it didn't have the feel that Flash element TD had, therefore I just did not enjoy it. Keep trying, and come up with your own game for other people to try and live up to ;)

Great! I loved it! The voices were an excellent touch...

I would suggest putting in keyboard shortcuts...IE if you wanted to quickly add towers instead of going up to click on them, or if you wanted to just press 's' instead of slowly pointing and clicking to sell a massive amount of stufff......

and yessss most def the voices were the high point of this game. Well made, well done!

This reminded me of that bloon defense game, as well as several other liniar tower defense games.
What they didn't have, though, is the voices you added for the creeps. That was this games major selling point for me. All of the other things I've seen before.
But, anyways.
The game was fun, simple yet difficult, and a good way to waste time.
I had a few problems with the towers and upgrading them in time to stop the steadily upgraded creeps, but that's mostly my fault for being bad at managing my funds.
All in all, I'd say you made a standard tower defense game that's more fun than standard tower defense games, if that makes any sense.

Great defense game. Love the style. So comfortable and enjoying.

Graphic - 10
Sound - 10
Controls - 10

great game! extremely fun!

good BUT
why does the sale price not reflect at least 75% of the value, anything less is infuriating.
i didn't waste money on those glue things and did fine, stuff like that just sucks.
the voices are just weird and the jibblets thing is crap.
the towers should upgrade to the other ones, or fix the sale price, it's just horribly hard.

This is as good as TD gaming gets. Well laid out, controls were very simple, because I found I had mastered the whole thing by the 5th level. As for any suggestions, I sadly don't have any. The difficulty was hard, but still capable of beating. I'm glad you made this and keep up the good work. Keep animating and we'll keep watching. Stay classy.

Beat 50/50
Last level was Great.
Good job at Tower Defense not very complicated.
Enjoyed the whole circle/orb thingy not a life based TD.

) :) :) :) :)

I used to literally waste hours of my day in college on the original, and now I'm literally wasting hours of my day in work on this!! An amazing game, just like the first. Keep up the really good work.

even better then the first one
i used double dare on level 21 and that was that :)

Beat game and it was fun

Its not as good as most defense games ive played but its not bad

great game, nice and simple. beat first stage easily but died at 58 in the second stage. the hp of the monsters and tower costs are a little whacked imho. i loved the little remarks the creeps had to say too.

I thought it was a good game, very simple yes.

Damn! I got to level fifty but they finally stole all my circles! Anywho, this was a great game! My only complaint is that the towers should have been cheaper.

a wery simpel game with all the best elements of TD love it!

i like it i only got to lv 27 tho 9/10

Just beat level 50
awsome TD

I realized that you only had to kill one of the last five bosses to win the game, but I killed all five with ease. One of the better Tower defenses out there, but I still liked Vector TD better.

Cool I finished the game!!!

Hard game but kills boredom ^_^
Cool Graphics, haha and the bugs also talks ^_^ cute

Anyways i enjoyed the game!!!
Keep it coming

I loved the game keep the games coming. It really seems like you are controling some kind of army to defeat all of the monsters.

This was a great, great game. The graphics were decent, the creep speech was quite funny, but its true greatness lies in the interest system. It would be impossible to beat this game without interest... I think at least a third of my money was obtained this way. Without it (assuming the towers were made cheaper as a result) the strategy of this game would be completely one dimensional in that it would be a simple matter to determine the best placement of certain towers... etc. However, the interest system encourages the player to spend as little money as possible, and thus be as resourceful as possible even at the cost of firepower and having to constantly reset the elements.

Great game.

Kept me interested for a long time!!! then i began to notice i was losing

what else to say? it has everything you want... except for a sandbox mode and a save option, although the last thing isn't really necessary for a defense game. but it would be greate. you may insert it without making the game too easy by erasing the data the time you lose the game. i'd love it. thanks, ;D

great game, but the sniper towers need to shoot faster. and i think carrying the orbs away makes it a bit to easy even on hard. but atleast its not the same old health that makes no mathimatical sense.lol. so yeah great game!

it really pissed me off in the end when there was one life point left on one of the three last guys (they all had my last orbs) and my sniper tower (only weapon the could shoot them) didn't shoot that one and ended up shooting the other ones (that it didn't manage to come close to killing) which cost me the whole friggin game >:(.

good game

Fantastic game, wish that the tower's experience made it stronger or faster.

the shifters can't receive burn damage when they go invisible or ghost, or what ever you call it. I don't if this is suppose to happen but i'm gonna put it out there.

time i beat it in. all while scaring my girlfriend with my ranting.

good job dude

that is one great time passer! Just one thing u should do is add more funny action or somethin but great job! :)

awsome... i was having great fun a good challenge, then a boss came, i bought the 2 tower thigns i need, had enough money to make a defense, then i was done, lvl 10 and all the stuff was gone... somethings wrong

good game-if you were to improve it it might only be to add more variety of monsters/paths and a save feature

always did love games like this. clasic fun.

and to add to the fun the austrailian voices on there were a nice touch. i was just about to turn down the volume cuz of the gun sounds, and then i head cursing from em. that was cute. =]

Gets old fast. The Element thing is not the best becouse you cannot retreave them

Freaking addicting.
I just decided to try some of the games on the top list, and once I clicked on this game I didn't realize how long it'd been until I had to use the bathroom and looked at the clock.
And the funny thing is, it's so simple!

Good solid TD game. Nice variety of towers and enemys, only wish there was a save option.

gets old fast. maybe a larger assortment of towers or effects. all in al, an 8/10

I personally love defense games like this, I was playing it for about 2 hours, and got to level 40. I was getting bored then, and decided to do Double dare, and I got pwned by Shifters with 400000 Hp xD. Overall, great game. Keep up the good work

the games is prety simple ... a little easy but still fun :p

I have to say this is one of the best td games i've ever played.

i just hate defence games :P

yeah, i gots no life

i love defence games and this this one is awesome

this is asume game but it cheats

Good idea, good game however this game gets very boring very quickly. Ive played many defense games before and i have come across many other worse games than this one. Though i gotta say that this doesnt come in my top 10

i liked the variety of towers and monsters
its probably the only defense game i got addicted to
the only flaw i found was that there wasn't a save option

Very good game.
I completed the easy map without dare and double dare things bought with tokens.
Im going to beat da other maps now.

this was really fun i got hooked into it for a while

nice game :D pretty exciting

if u kept to the warcraft theme like on the original it would be a 10 xd but onlly thing frm warcraft on there was the grass lol
also its too easy
nice voices though
go gyros

Whats new in FE TD 2? Yes, a new layout and....?

I got to level 47... to improve, you should just put a save function.

Very nicly done!!! I am really a fan of (your) tower defense games.
I think it is still to hard, though (maybe I haven't found the right stragedie). And it would be great if there where more tracks to choose.

It is addicting ive played every level like 20 times omg. I play it once every day i luv u. I like puppies they r cute :D

But don't worry thats just the easy one

I couldn't get it to start. It'd load, then it'd just sit there on a picture of some green grass. There was no menu and the only buttons available were the mute and volume ones in the lower right...

This is an example of how a defense game should be! This is the best i've played so far.
The only thing that botters me is that it's sooooooooo hard!!

Nicely done!!

I have to say that was a pretty fun TD. Got beat on 49, Carefull with the dares, trying to use them later on in the game you end up hosing yourself.

Thoroughly enjoyable. Took me a few tries, but I killed level 50 this morning (not without a bit of sweating on the last level).

I managed level 50 by buying and upgrading a jet tower everytime a creep was killed and placing it near the front of the map. Was just enough to finish the little buggers off before they made off with my elements. Yay me!

Good stuff. Thanks for the diversion.

the game was very good (could be longer)but it was great i beat it :D
and the last lev el was cool too
I hope you`l make more games like this

The key to the last level is to sell all of your first-tier towers (the ones on the top half of the tower menu) and stack LOTS of slowing, glue guns, and sniper Mk. II's. Place them right and even annihilating one of them will get you your win. I wiped out all 5 pretty narrowly, and for a first in my entire life of playing TDs, I was almost on the edge of my seat for level 50.

I love the creeps' two cents when they come into and leave the game, and the voices never get annoying. A very laid-back TD if hard as hell as you go in (which was very well balanced regardless). Neat creep functions, and I agree with Banana, the destination of the creeps was a really great concept. It made it much easier on you if you weren't denting a guy the first run through the trail, they'll have to do an about-face to bring the element back home afterwards, and thanks to the element restoration thing in the tokens menu I never lost one, though it got close SO MANY TIMES. D:>

Flash Element delivers once again in the new generation of flash games. Bravo CC, bravo.

i love it

I really love strategy defense games, and this is now one of my most favorite version.

First off, the graphics are absolutely splendid. The grass, logs, and rocks, they were all extremely well drawn. The drawings of the creeps and the towers were a bit simplistic, but still quite well drawn.

The gameplay itself was very enjoyable. I liked the whole protect the elements from being captured concept, rather than having health for a castle or fortress of some sort. That was rather innovative.

Nothing ruins a good tower defense game better than an awkward interface; however, this game has an excellently built one. Everything was easy to access, all things that were bought were separated by tabs, instead of being squished together in one window. One particular aspect that enhanced the interface was that cool "FeTV" window in the top right. I found it pretty neat how you view the stats of an enemy or how strong a tower was with that little gadget.

A part of the game that I found funny would definitely be the remarks of the creeps. Their opening battle cry would reflect their battle style, as well as their anguish in defeat. For example, the red groupers would yell, "we fight as one," then as they are all vanquished, they would groan, "we die as one." Definitely some humor in that.

I would like to see a bit more variety. For example, turrets, there is just 5 types, and upgraded versions of those five types. Maybe new concepts for weapons can be made? Such as, perhaps, a laser tower, or a tower that boosts the effectiveness of surrounding towers? A bit of variety won't hurt there, it keeps one interested.
Also, what about the stages? There's just easy, medium, and hard. Maybe we could have more stages with different difficulties, like a desert, ocean, or snowy place. Again, a bit of variety will always keep us interested.
Variety in waves might prove interesting. For example, maybe have some groupers run in WITH some common greys. Fighting one wave of one type of enemy after another gets predictable and boring.

Overall, this game is extremely enjoyable, with the yelling of the creeps, and great gameplay, but a bit of variety will make this game even better.

It's the kind of tower defense game I like, VERY fun. The only possible criticism I can offer, though very small, is that when you are in a game, say, level 34. You can restart the level but I couldn't find a way back to the main menu. VERY fun. I love it!

it was really ez until about lvl 50 when the boss raped me off my last element lol

good game but gets slow later in the game needs more towers or upgrades

This game was great
but only three levels and ten towers
need a bit more diversity

I've always been a fan of TD games, and this one stands out because it not only has the fun of a TD game, but it makes you plan out your strategy against your next enemy not just buy more towers (even though I can't beat the level 50 T.T). Good game overall. 10/10

it was rally hard...i only killed 3 of those things at the end,and hardy even had any decent towers,well overall good game and well done =]

last level!!! last level come on!!! you had to send 5 of those things, they got through with so very little health :'(

change? I see nothing important. No real change. Sorry.

took about 30 minutes for me
great game

I always liked the original and now this comes in. It's fantastic! However, i found a glitch. The creeps stole all my elements, but no game over screen appeared. Instead, i was able to continue playing until i could buy some new ones, but then oi killed the creeps, and all of a sudden, it says i got game over, even though i still had 2 elements on the field.

very very good i beat it in 30 mins

This game is good. I like the variety of towers. I love defence games but I have been losing an intrest in them. It seems that there is a hidden missing element that would make defence games fun, but I don't know what it is. I have been thinking and I still can't figure out what is missing to make a defence game epic.

As I am writing this, I just thought of something. I really liked games where you set up towers and you send enemies out against their incoming enemies like Age of War. Those games could entertain for hours

Love it.

A fan of defense games in the first place, but this is good.

full points.

it was a fun, addicting, and challenging game. GREAT JOB!

Haha, for one time the game was bugged and didn't end after all my elements were stolen. A simple and extremely fun game. I liked how it was always a challenge keeping up with the enemies, even though they were the same ones just with more hp. A good change from most TDs that usually give you too much money near the end--in this one I couldn't even max upgrade most of my expensive towers. But it wasn't frustrating either. Great job!

It's like bloons, only better! I spent about 3 hours on this game just now, lol.

Fantastic, a real achievement! Thanks CasualCollective, that was really fun :)


i got 197640 points, thought lol! great game, keep it up... =)

Great Game!!! I love the concept where there are no lives, just the elements which you have to reset over and over good stuff :-)

one of my favorite games, but i gotta say, i cant believe this is just getting to newgrounds now, its been out for months, possibly around a year

wewt 29,000

another hard yet colorful TD ever made!im confused,is there lives in this game?

the TD was pretty good... could have much more added on but AN ORIGINAL NAME WOULD BE BETTER
makes me rage that your trying to make a sequel to an already VERY succsessful TD and giving it a bad name by stealing the name :x

now this is a good example of a well put together and great tower defence game that i played in a while. 2 thumbs up.

Would love to see more levels more waves and more towers if u gonna make a next one, but it was a great TD good job.

U need sniper towers for bosses and use best fire tower for dps over time maxed it does 4800 per sec for 3,5sec 16800damage total but it does not finish off enemies so make sure u have green tower to do so, shoot off the last 1hp or more.

The only thing I could ask for is more towers, please make a 3rd one! And it was so funny!
This is the kind of stuff Newgrounds needs.

The game was pretty fun, but it wasnt much tower to build and way too easy. I didnt even lose a single element. And in the first many of the icons was from wc3, but here it was just small coloured things. Anyways, good game.

I spent a lot of time playing this. If it were a concole game I would buy it.

I really enjoyed this one. The voices made it better, made me laugh. I really look forward to the next one if you make it.

Nice TD thats i've played overall great game but by lvl 40 all enemies are way to hard to kill i had over 70 towers up all lvl 3 and higher and 9 freezes towers and 12 cannons tower and i still couldnt stop then after 40. So make i think you know what nees to be done but love the game and couldnt stop playing it

Not too hard, not too easy. Just the way i like it.

It also wasnt stupidly complicated, i loved the way you limited it to 4 upgrade levels, it made it simpler (like usual i wasnt up for anything too taxing).

Graphically it was good, not amazing but everything else made up for this.

The gameplay was good, i couldnt see any flaws.

Finally (and what made the game for me at least) was the creatures, i was literally laughing out loud at some of the stuff they were coming out with.

"Saftey in numbers my arse!" and "We're all dead!...I'm not" were my favs, love those groupers!!

10/10 5/5 Good job mate.

Had the whole idea of a tower defense game. Was a little basic. I wish there was a wider variety in towers. I spent most of my time just upgrading towers.
Maybe just work on it a little come up with some ideas for it. The store was a great idea. I think I reset my orbs like 4 times.
Completely dominated lvl 50 :D

The unavoidable advertisement was annoying >.>
Only monster I didn't kill was that regen boss at lvl 4x

make some more and a little bit less hard and less adverting but still nice

But... wasn't it released like a few years ago? Granted I never saw it on Newgrounds but I saw it floating around on other websites.

Still a great game!

sweet game, got killed on lvl 50 tho...

its a great game but i messed up at the last 3 ppls by spending my token on the wrong thing so i couldnt return the elements back so you should put a confirmation on purchases with the tokens cuz they are so inportant anyways it was a great game and i got a score of 49,00 woo also tere should be a highscores list

I love these games, this one wasn't too easy or too hard (except the 5 creeps which all have 562881 hp in last level (level 50))

This game is addicting. VERY addicting. I like these tower defense games. I'd be very happy to see a 3rd one. Also, it would be more easier to make the cannons upgrade to much better ones, not buy a new whole gun. It'd make it much more easier, and way more space.
But thanks for making this game.

you could made more like war craft like the first 1

this is very good, but need more elements and weapons
9/10 5/5

It was good maded but could be much better. I didnt like the towers and it got boring after a while, even if thats normal in games lie this i got bored almost too fast.

Played it for 30 minutes and went through it all. A nice tower defence, not to hard (that is what I don't like about many other TDs), with nice British accent :) Waiting for the 3rd part, mate.

The gameplay itself is as good as defense games get. I will definitely be playing until I've beaten all three levels. However, a sandbox mode would have been quite a wonderful addition to the game, and provided much additional entertainment. Still 9/10!

i can play its just the game screen is too small and i can't get to the upgrade part i think i see the se for sell but thats the farthest over to the right i can see.


Rly awsome. :) but " Easy " i would like it bit harder... or maybe i should play in other ones.. :) yea-..- nvmm...

good game true to the original just better. and hey if it doesn't work thats you computers fault not the makers fault. idiot. oh and try reloading. mine didn't work the first time either.

This wouldnt start for me, it's only a white screen. Any help?

I just beat easy without losing anything. Sniper towers + glue towers = pwnage. I like that you made it so the player can speed up the gameplay. That's usually one of my biggest pet peeves in regards to tower defense games.

great defense game, but I kind of like the humor in the 1st one better. This had a couple of funny drops, but it could have been better. Good job though with gameplay.

rather easy though, managed to beat it lvl 50 on first try

pretty good and addicting. I played this a while back, so I easily beat it again.
But for the effort put into this, I'll give you a ten.

I played your game for well over an hour and reached level 30. The gameplay is very solid, the graphics are great, the sound is excellent, and overall, I have no real recommendations for you. Keep up the great work and I am looking forward to more of your games!

If I worked hard enough I could beat it, my final level was 49. I think it would be interesting to see different types of specialized upgrades when you hit level 4 on the towers, like adding splash to a glue gun or increased range to the splinter tower. Great job!

Really amazing game and format..Good use of different towers of the same element and level 50 was freaking unbelievable but beatable.. :)

awsome to the extent of a defense game

It was great! i finished it on first try ! (even when it actually gets hard in advanced lvls... but.. TDs are my favourite type of games... so i know them pretty well even before playing :P )

Excelent! 5/5 10/10 AND FAV :) nice work! love TD!

way better than the other one and love the game and each thing in it!
its easy for us noobs to pick up and play too!! level 43!!alomost beat it

this is WAAYYYYY better than the first one, there were more details into the drawing, more towers, and just more things in general. i really loved the first game and when i saw this i was about to shit in my pants from the excitment(not really i just wanted a reason to say shit in my pants...) but still good game and i hope to see more good ones from you.

A great defense game, and a real leap from the first of the series. I enjoyed this, and my highest level is 47.

I love the whole element aspect to it, made it a little more interesting. Nothing particularly noteworthy graphics wise, but it did the trick.

However; it quickly gets to a point where nothing can stop the enemies. I was around level 50 and no towers could stop the creeps.

dont give a 0/10 because it doesn't load for your hurting computer. Anyways this game is one of the best TD's ive played in a while. Diversity in this game is awesome. I love the variety of towers and more powerful counterparts. Many games just have towers that upgrade and after that you just have to build more. This game has alot more strategy

Alot better than the first. Not bad, Good fast gameplay. Steady and able.

The graphics are a little weak, but the game play is both fun and solid. Not the best out there, but definitely good.

But not as cool as others. The graphics were fine, sound effects, commentary, was all good, and surprisingly not annoying. That there were 50 levels, but only 6 types of monsters was a little repetative. and not very creative. I'll still give it an 8 though, because i'm sure i'll play it again....

This game is a little late getting to Newgrounds, but it is a totally fun take on the tower defense genre. I've already seen one crappy ripoff that forgot the crucial element of being able to return the elements (for a price, of course). Good work, great polish, and I love the innovation of the element stealing mobs.

This game is insanely addictive! I played it for hours! nice job

dont give a 0/10 because it doesn't load for your hurting computer. Anyways this game is one of the best TD's ive played in a while. Diversity in this game is awesome. I love the variety of towers and more powerful counterparts. Many games just have towers that upgrade and after that you just have to build more. This game has alot more strategy

im to lazy... -_-

I played for 20 minutes! ahhg. Okay and my only concern WAS going to be that it doesnt get hard enough fast enough.. but then I realized I was on 'easy' mode.

Really good job though

game play - 8/10
sound - 6/10
graphics - 8.5/10
being original - 7.5/10
voicings - 8/10
its like most defence games its pretty fun but got boring for me after about 15minutes in. i would give you 8.5/10 if i could but i can't so you'll have to settle with a 8/10 :)
the monster voices got annoying for me after a while.

I was playing for 2 hours. Man! Yet, I finished the whole thing! Not very impressive for just a game. I didnt see anything wrong with the graphics. I enjoyed the enemys. They were mean. LOL. Good job. Like any other defence game like this which I always own at.

Love the game. I'm definitely going to spend some more time on it to try out some different strategies.

Funny enough, I actually liked the creep speech in this game which gave each kind of creep some character and made the usually monotonous waiting game into a little bit of an interactive dialogue. The idea of experience was pretty cool but it wasn't exactly played up.

I had fun and I'll definitely come back to it!

I died on the last level. Nice game. It gets a bit monotonous, though.

its really good and it just front paged!

very excellent game. well done. i loved the humor in what the critters said.

While not as good as the original, this game still managed to keep up some good pacing, even if it is really hard.

i spent so long just playing that game i wasn't even paying attention to how long i was playing

Still prefer warcraft III version way more.

amazing game, excellent difficulty and i love the buttons in lower right, they help my computer run the game as fast as possible. i wonder how many total waves there are... the good towers are fairly pricy but that adds to the difficulty, amazing game, i hope there will be another sequel

... but I've seen way better versions of this game (graphically speaking)

I'm surprised by the fact of a sequel - anyway... brilliant as always, I personally enjoyed the new retro towers; it was a breath of fresh air to be playing something slightly different even though it was a sequel, the graphics were decent, nothing too spectacular, but still good. Great game overall.

About time this one showed up at Newgrounds.
Nothing bad found about this game yet, except that it's highly addictive! ;)
When are Desktop Armada and the other games coming?

BTW; i'm thebigone on the CC. ;)

I've been playing for almost an hour, that was great!

textures from WC3 huh`?


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4.21 / 5.00