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You're a bouncy raccoon trying to get to the top of the canyon-- but watch out! A variety of animals, dangerous obstacles and an angry dragon will try and prevent you from reaching your destination. Think quickly and be careful!

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Good enough game

Sure, it wasn't complicated, but it still was pretty fun in its own right. It was a fairly original idea, although I admit it's not really my taste. Still good, though.


its a good game once u get the hang of it good job

Pretty good

Pretty good, but once you got under a tree branch, you got kinda screwed. The animation was good, but the playability wasn't that great.


Well its an ok game and good effort but its repetitous...And get boring quick. Dont get dicouraged, just add more effort.

Good, not quite perfect

A pretty good take on the rising type of game, some nice ideas with a few areas that could have done with improvement.

I liked how obstacles didn't actually hurt you but just increased the chance of falling down onto the dragon. This always gave the player a second chance to save themselves from losing a life. I also thought it was a nice touch how the dragon disappeared when their lives are at 0, leaving them plummeting to their doom if they fall again.

The weight powerups were a good idea. The only thing I disliked about these was that the heavy weight remained after losing a life - if the player has failed to survive with this attached, take it away, no need to punish them twice.

Graphically I can't really knock the game at all, all very well drawn. A bit more variation in the enemies wouldn't have gone amiss, but what was here was all high quality.

I didn't like the music, I don't get why people put trancey music to games like this, it doesn't fit. Something more fun and bouncy would have made the game more fun. The SFX were functional but the bounce effect got annoying fast.

My main problem with this game is that it started tricky but when I got the hang of it I found very little challenge, and by 100m I was bored out of my mind. You absolutely need to make it get harder as it goes on - tougher enemies, faster gameplay, shorter bounce platforms - whatever it takes to keep it fun until the end. You'll find that this makes it more likely that players will come back to play again.

For what it was, this was very well made and a good attempts at a bouncing game. I hope you find my suggestions useful if you go on to make a sequel, it could be amazing! 8/10.

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3.16 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2008
11:17 AM EST