Extraterrestrial Combat

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NEWS: Extraterrestrial Combat 2 is in the making! It will be far better and have a complete overhaul of the engine and AI. New features, updated old features, everything. If there's something you'd like to see added or something you want updating, please list it in your review.

UPADTE: Has had some bug fixes and features put in, such as:
A quick way to return to the Main Menu (just right-click anywhere).
New Achievements

Greetz. This is a short and simple game similar to space invaders and defender. You remember those....mom 'n' dad used to talk about how much they'd try to nick coins from the coin jar when they were kids just so they could play them in the arcade.

The rule: stay alive. Each time you destroy an alien, another spawns nearby. The goal is to see how many aliens you can blow up before they blow you up. The game has a built-in score system that keeps track even if you quit the game. Also included are three music tracks so you don't get bored. Easily.
Also includes powerups and very cruddy AI.

A good simple addictive game. Have fun. Tell us your score for each difficulty.



1 - Hard 7 - Medium 46 - Easy,This is an AWESOME game!All who hate it go and play another game,Dont tell us about your hate!

mhm ._.

make some score or somthing...

Everytime an enemy died and a new respawned there was a lag.
try 2 figure that out ;D

Nice try...

...for a first game.
You see, your game is nothing special, it does not have good physics,or upgrades, or smart enemies, or...anything else. It's just a simple "grandfathers" shooter, that, however is 6.6 Mb big.
But for a first game it's not so bad!

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I'm afraid I'm to have to give this game a severely bad rating. For starters, the enemies appear randomly when the game first begins resulting in an instant death the first time you try playing which is an instant put off. Second, the enemies movearound with absolutely no intent or pattern what so ever. The thing in other, more classic arcade shooters was memorising patterns, waiting for them to happen and apply the knowledge you acquired so that you can go through with the game. Killing enemies just makes another respawn in its place instantly which is a totally random event and again just makes the difficulty too hard even on Easy. The animation is plain, boring, and definitely needs work. Shooting and moving was difficult because of the nature of the enemies.
Overall, I didn't like this game in anyway, at all. I do not recommend this to be played by anyone, fan of shooters or not. I will however tell you that by the looks of the game, you do have some skill in Flash. Hone them, apply them properly, fix the programming errors in the enemies and if you aren't that good at drawing yourself, hire or ask someone else. The talent is there, the game is not. I'd recommend that you look at other games and learn a few things from them, then you'll most definitely be able to get it. I wish you do something better next time.

badly made

very very badly made... no bueno

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3.21 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2008
2:28 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight