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Random Insults 6

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well im submitting this right here on my ng b-day. well actually im submitting this 6 minutes late becuase some shit came up. but 6 minutes really doesnt change much. this one beats 5 by a fucking mile. i hope you enjoy it. :D ok i have fixed the file size. it went from 9.3mb to 2.7mb. :3 also this will probly be the last episode because after one as long, and as good as this im afraid that i will never again be able to make one this good. all of the good jokes have now been all used up. :/

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omfg you ugly ass mom

this is AWESOME, where did you come up with all that funny shit? now IM ganna rip your ugly fucking whore shit tool bag fucking ass up.

nggangsterpimp responds:

ool bag fucking ass up. LOLOLOL! NICE MAN! thank you. i grew up talking shit like that. i cant help it. :P


omfgcakesrofltmaoroflmao!!! ( that means its uberly awesome =D) ):3

nggangsterpimp responds:

sweet man. nice to hear.


this is awesome? well ya it is all of that stuff is good I want this to be my favorite eater yet haha! i been watching this 10o0o0 times and it really gets retarded haha i was really dumb so i picked up a happy face and threw it at ya face
10/10 so fucking funny

nggangsterpimp responds:

ROFLMAO. thank ya.

A Grand Remake Of The classics

This very same movie sets a great mark from how you have been improving among animation since the very beginning of your history on newgrounds.

The Random Insults face guy's was in much better quality drawing, compared to the 1st random insults, back then the face's were blurry, and at a quite low quality appearence, but since you got so much experience in drawing, and mastered the laws of Flash, The new looks of the random insults face certainlly proves to be better.

I also liked the realistic carpark background, its was in a nice appearence and matchs the attitude atmosphere which is rage, antagenism. Another good quality of the background was its realistic photography makes the cartooned animated face's stand out well.

The Insults, and Jokes of the flash are just extremelly harllious, witty, and well rhyemed. The subtitled texts were well synced with the soundtrack, and was insuch good quality. The Genre of this movie just gives the best degree of your humorous side as an animator.

Another great feature of this movie, which everybody seems to notice is the slideshowed pictures matching almost each and every insult displays a much more funnier visuallisation. The Syncing between the pictures and the speed of Sam's voice was just superb.

The ending catchphrase was a brillent moment of the movie, with nice sound effects and great "Madness Combat" features, which was all put together well for motion.

In Conculsion. This Episode of "Random Insults" is just an epic cartoon, and explains in appeared details of how your becoming more of a legend on Newgrounds as you have rapidlly improved on animation. the quality work of this earns my 10/10 and voted 5/5:) before i go...


nggangsterpimp responds:


My favourite:

I eat faggots like you for Lunch.

/:&:¤:&:&:¤::&:&:¤:::¤::%:::F:B:BF: :F: :F Bästa filmen någonsin fan :D

nggangsterpimp responds:

thank you man. :D