Boogley Bus Stop

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*edit* FRONT PAGE!! huzzah!

Hello Poogrounds... see what I did there. :3

This is a piece I made for The Animation Club in Melbourne who have a screening night called Secret Handshake on the last Tuesday of each month.
Well, I should say, had a screening night, because November's was the last one... :(

The theme for this month was practical jokes, and I came up with this... I thought it was time for The Boogley to finally make another appearance.

I really just wanted to focus on characterization and acting in frame by frame animation, which is why I've kept everything very minimal, with no background elements. I'm not so much happy with this movie as far as it being entertaining, it's story, or the sound, but I'm happy with the way the characters move. I think I'll make more stuff along these lines, but with more attention to story, sound and other areas neglected this time around. The sound is very subtle and soft... you might need to turn it up a bit.

Okay you bastards, watch, listen, and leave me a review. I love recieving any suggestions, insults or suggestions as to what I should eat for dinner tonight.


Ha, cool

It's like Catoblepas for the kids. And there's actual consistency. :P

TheBoogley responds:

actual consistancy? really? you mean it? YAY!! :D

I like!

Best animation I have seen today.

TheBoogley responds:

hurrah! :D
hey, wait a minute... what else have you seen today? :B

that was good

the characters were almost human
if it weren't for the suitcase bit i would've thought you were recreating a scene from your life.

as for dinner, might i recommend a steak, caesar salad, honey wheat bread or pumpernickel, and baked potato with ranch and butter?

(you only live once, you might as well eat like it haha)

TheBoogley responds:

Damn that's a hell of a feast your suggesting... I LIKE IT! :D


funny, and sort of happy

TheBoogley responds:

ha ha ha :)

The animation was nice it was pretty good

Try those little pizzas that Red Baron makes. I eat them all the time and they're great!

TheBoogley responds:

red baron? I refuse the support german war pilots! |:O

and they're not in australia... i don't think. :3

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3.90 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2008
11:00 PM EST
Comedy - Original