Boogley Bus Stop

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*edit* FRONT PAGE!! huzzah!

Hello Poogrounds... see what I did there. :3

This is a piece I made for The Animation Club in Melbourne who have a screening night called Secret Handshake on the last Tuesday of each month.
Well, I should say, had a screening night, because November's was the last one... :(

The theme for this month was practical jokes, and I came up with this... I thought it was time for The Boogley to finally make another appearance.

I really just wanted to focus on characterization and acting in frame by frame animation, which is why I've kept everything very minimal, with no background elements. I'm not so much happy with this movie as far as it being entertaining, it's story, or the sound, but I'm happy with the way the characters move. I think I'll make more stuff along these lines, but with more attention to story, sound and other areas neglected this time around. The sound is very subtle and soft... you might need to turn it up a bit.

Okay you bastards, watch, listen, and leave me a review. I love recieving any suggestions, insults or suggestions as to what I should eat for dinner tonight.



This was kinda cute. :) looks a bit rushed, but I just read your comments section and I can understand why it would look that way. I like how he turned purple at the end - I was expecting him to turn pink like the other fella. n_n

TheBoogley responds:

With more time I would've made it more polished, but I kind of like the wobbleyness. :)

Boogley Bus Stop

What a beautiful vase. Unfortunately, I am two days past in helping you decide the dinner you would have. Might I suggest you devour a nice can of sardines for tonight, however? Aluminum is quite desirable when with the oily hairs of fish.

TheBoogley responds:

Oh. Well... fish is fish.

Humour=best part.fbf=really funny.voiceactin=ROLF

I'm waiting for the lottery jackpot. I'm sitting alone in my house.

Haven't bought a lottery ticket. I'm hoping somebody would visit me, but I won't open the door.

It's just going to be a jehova.

TheBoogley responds:

Ask them what Jehova looked like when they witnessed him... If they pause and don't know what to say, Stab them repeatedly screaming "LIAR, YOU WITNESSED NOTHING!!!"
Then your lottery will be won, or at least you'll feel that way.

LOLZ, nice one!

But why did the guy turn purple at the end?

TheBoogley responds:

He was feeling Blue, then when he was cheered up his colour was warmed up. Either that or he wasn't breathing and slowing suffocating... You decide. ;)


Wow, man, how do you get the patience to make so much fbf??? You're awesome, always loved your style and stuff. It's all so smooth and liquidish. I like it. VERY much.


TheBoogley responds:

I has no life, mr Marcy. That's the secret to good animation, don't do anything fun. :3

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3.90 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2008
11:00 PM EST
Comedy - Original