locoroco flash minigame

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ok - before you start: this isn't stolen - we built it for Playstation as a flash minigame for LocoRoco 2 and we have their permission to upload it onto sites that we like. this is not supposed to be an exact replica of Locoroco 2 - its just a flash minigame and represents the best that we could do using Flash AS3 physics without killing most peoples processors!

yes - the controls are weird to get used to - they replicate the controls in the PSP version of the game. you have to press the left and right cursor keys at the same time in order to jump.. that was decided by the crazy Japanese guys who built the console version and not us!

there are six levels and after which the game loops - there is a version with ice levels one it but that is on the actual Locoroco site itself.

we hope that you enjoy it - as they say in Japan: 'Kawaii ne?'


***cheers for the front page + all the decent comments***



the addiction continues... now that i have no idea where my psp is, i can just sit here and play this awesome game. yay! 8D
though the shaky screen's a bit dizzying x]
thanks fer this!


It was very hard the first time. Because I thought that the arrow button in the intro would just go to the next hint, I never learned how jumping worked. Once I actually watched the whole thing, it made a lot of sense. Fun game, a decent challenge, unique controls and style. Mad skills. The last game system I owned was a Super Nintendo, soooo.... I don't know anything about this DS game, but this version is excellent.


was good i have locoroco 1 on the psp so like that and this asw well good replica for computer


its going into my faves :D
i wanna buy one but i dont have a psp...


The music at night sounds like elmo and the monkeys in 'Ape Escape 2' Mixed together. Thats a good theing btw.

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Nov 23, 2008
5:15 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other