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Author Comments

This is a quiz game for all of you to have a go at!

The questions get harder as it goes along, when you get to a checkpoint if you get an answer wrong past it you will be sent back to the checkpoint.

Have fun and see if you can complete it!
p.s. some of the answers are hard to click so just persevere!

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pretty nice.

The music was pretty good. This is a working game so that's automatically a lot more effort... Backgrounds could of been a little bit better, though.
Overall, pretty good.

Good luck.

MJMCartoonProduction responds:

Thanks =)


I had fun with this quiz particularly because of the flashing coolness on everything and the fact that all your questions were perfectly legit. Most quizzes have questions that come way the fuck outta left field that no one would know unless they look it up or have specific knowledge on that topic. You have funny little trick questions in there too so thats cool. The only thing I didn't like is after I completed the quiz it just said congrats blah blah blah. I wish you would reward us with something, idk what most people turn to porn for an answer but there are many other things you can use as a reward. No preloader which kinda sucks but its not a big deal. Where you really scored BIG points is the musical score. Holy shit Ace of Spades as the first song! excellent taste and then I see you actually had three in there, I love variety. Everybody's workin' for the weekend is a deadly song and then some linkin park just for icing on the cake. Entertaining quiz my friend you clearly know what people look for when they do a quiz Kudos!

MJMCartoonProduction responds:

Thank you very much =D

Credits & Info

4.03 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2008
3:10 AM EST
Puzzles - Quiz