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I was browsing through the Audio Portal, looking for something to animate to, and this caught my eye. there's so much emotion in it, it's a really nice song. I just hope I did it justice.

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A little short...

Not a bad piece - it really has got some great potential, which revolves around the poignancy of the situation, though I would have certainly appreciated it being a good few minutes longer, you can then take the situation a lot further.

Certainly a good start and with a start like that, it has a lot of potential for greatness.

[Review Request Club]

Insanimation responds:

Thanks for the review!


The graphics aren't that good to be honest. The guy seems to be a "Cynaide & Happiness" styled character like one can see just everywhere around the internet nowadays. Ok, it's better than just stickmen, but I think it would be better if you'd try to create your own style.

I also would like to see some more story in the flash itself, but in your author comments you said you where just looking for something to animate to, so I guess you didn't have a real story in mind but did it just for the sake of animating.
Well, if that's the case then it turned out pretty well.

I like the background you used. It works much better than a simple white background. It also separates the character from the other stuff in the background a bit, creating the impression that he feels (and propably is?) left alone and, well, broken.

The animations could use some work, though. It looked quite strange when the guy walked and also the raindrops looked a bit strange. It's very noticeable when the "rain loop" starts over again.

Overall, it's a very sad flash that could use some more work.

{ Review Request Club }

Insanimation responds:

OK, thanks for the review!

Not bad at all.

I struggled between a 6 and a 7, but I feel like giving it a 7. =P

Animation/Graphics - The drawing style that you have is interesting. It's very simple, but yet it gets the job done. Sometimes simple is all that you needed in this flash I think the simple drawings and animation was good enough. Great sad colors and everything. The plain background gives you the feeling of emptiness, which I think you were going for with it. The walking style made me smile a little bit, but again it was an interesting style of animation.

Story/Content - I think you could have improved this by a lot. I get what you are trying to do by showing the sadness and everything, but it's a little too short content wise. I think you should have added more things that went by in the backgrounds such as sad memories that he had or things like a couple holding hands, which just makes his sadness/loneliness even deeper than it was before.

Audio - Maybe a few more sounds effects, but that would come with adding more content to the flash if you so choose to. I think that the song that you chose was a very good one and I might have to stop by the audio portal and review it sometime. It really set the mood for the flash.

Overall - I think it was pretty good, but it would be really good if you added more content to it. Not only does this make it longer, but it can really add to the sadness of the submission and everything.

~ Review Request Club ~

Insanimation responds:

Thanks for the review! That was some really great criticism which I certainly may take into account for future flashes..

<3 <3

Thank you very much for this, It really made my night.

The ending definitely picked it up again haha. This is wonderful. 5/5 10/10 the whole shibang

Insanimation responds:

Awesome, thanks! I love that song!

I don't get the message, but great artwork.

So yeah, the art in this was pretty great, and the music really sets in the mood of the flash. But, i don't understand the theme or message you are trying to tell us. So a little info would be nice.

P.S: I like how you didn't respond to the guy below me yet.

Insanimation responds:

Thanks, it's all about the music, really. No real theme, other than that underneath the stereotypical drunken hobo facade, there's a real person..

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4.09 / 5.00

Nov 22, 2008
4:54 PM EST