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Arrow Keys - Movement
Z - open inventory or cancel an action
X - interact with surroundings or accept an action

(In case you're stuck, walkthrough is in armorgames.com website)

This is an interactive journey through twisted and unusual world. During this journey you will see various social and global problems. Your objective isn't to solve them all, just simply pay some attention.

About a year ago we formed a team "3j". The begining was slow, because we were extremly unorganized, but eventualy we learned to work together and this is our first team project. We wanted to bring you something unusual and original. I hope you will like it and give a thought about the things mentioned in game.

Facts for the curious:

This game is in Lithuanian , which is our mother tongue (don't worry there are english subtitles)
We named ourselves 3j, because names of each of us start with J (Jurgis, Justinas and another Jurgis)
Poem at the end of the game was written by fourth developer Jonas ("4j" wouldn't that've been cool), sadly almost at the begining of our project he left our team. That poem is about a nuclear explosion.


nice piece of art nice peace of art nice peas of a

Well, honestly You need to say there is nothing really new in this game. Styles are known, message is known.
But you can say that about really everything in the world! So, solid work, I enjoyed it.


While others may see this as exaggerated, or opinionated, when it comes to the world, and life, you cannot help be perceive it yourself. Yes, the world is messed up, yes life could be better, and balanced, and you're all helping people to at least open their eyes. People cannot deny what is in front of their face, no matter how much they may try. I like that this game introduced several key topics about society, and life in general. Kudos to you all for knowing where you stand in life, and how you see it. This was complex, but sadly not original. I'm sure you've gotten enough hodgepodge lectures on this game, and it's messages, so I'll leave it at that. I just hope you know that while it is good to have your own views, thoughts, and opinions, this really won't change much in people. A person is smart, but people are stupid.

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this better have won a festival

this is by far the most beautiful animation i have ever seen in flash, the transitions are seamless and the ambiance is tremendous! even the heavily misconstrued references to life GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT Job111111111111 yeah number 1 instead of exclamation marks


WOW!!!! Amazing!! You guys took things that happen everyday and just put it out there. This game is very powerful!!! Brilliant!!! just simply brilliant!! i thought it was great how you hit us with a situation and than we had to figure out how to solve it. great great job!!! Everyone should atleast try this game! it will make you think about shit we take for granted and\or just blow off like its no big thing.... and yes the guy could walk faster but it's all great. graphics, sound, gameplay,..ect... if i could I'd give you a 1000/100


the puzzles were great and complex, atmosphere was clearly shown and explained.
i right now at the turtle part figuring how to leave (i freed all the animals)
great job

O and by the way at that part where you free the animals all the way to the right hand side if you look down in the swamp you can see 2 names
I was wondering if this was on purpose

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4.04 / 5.00

Nov 22, 2008
8:06 AM EST
Adventure - Other
  • Daily 2nd Place November 23, 2008

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