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Arrow Keys - Movement
Z - open inventory or cancel an action
X - interact with surroundings or accept an action

(In case you're stuck, walkthrough is in armorgames.com website)

This is an interactive journey through twisted and unusual world. During this journey you will see various social and global problems. Your objective isn't to solve them all, just simply pay some attention.

About a year ago we formed a team "3j". The begining was slow, because we were extremly unorganized, but eventualy we learned to work together and this is our first team project. We wanted to bring you something unusual and original. I hope you will like it and give a thought about the things mentioned in game.

Facts for the curious:

This game is in Lithuanian , which is our mother tongue (don't worry there are english subtitles)
We named ourselves 3j, because names of each of us start with J (Jurgis, Justinas and another Jurgis)
Poem at the end of the game was written by fourth developer Jonas ("4j" wouldn't that've been cool), sadly almost at the begining of our project he left our team. That poem is about a nuclear explosion.



The gameplay was actually glitchy for me. I got hung on a wall irrepairbly. However, I will say I have to agree with a few of the points I did see.

The one about kids learning to destroy each other, against what people want to believe, is true. Kids are being taught to think only about their own well being no matter what the parents want to believe. Hell, it's usually the parents that're teaching it and not even noticing it.

About the abortion thing I'm on the fence. Yes I do see it as the woman's choice on one hand, but on the flip side, if this world wasn't so effed up to begin with, we wouldn't need to MAKE that choice. So while I think it's wrong to take the life before it has a chance, at the same time at least there's no suffering.

That's about as far as I got before it horridly glitched inside the Fish and I was stuck in the wall. But yeah, that's my opinion on that. 5/10 for game-breaking glitch and slow gameplay.

This wasn't really that good..

It was a decent game and the philosophical point was sort-of there, but at the same time you just took it too far.
Not the entire world supports war.
Kid's aren't learning how to destroy each other.
And the point on abortion was just stupid, abortion is the woman's choice, it's not irresponsible, it's allot more responsible than keeping it, think of the young women who would have to drop out of school just to raise they're child who'll end up having a shitty childhood anyways because he probably has a deadbeat dad and a mom who can't support him/her.
I know you think you're really deep and all of those "Modern and hip" things, but really, it's easy to tell when you're just doing it because you think it makes you look philosophical and political and shit.

There's some debate, but overall people find this review helpful

Christ almighty

I liked the artwork, but it was too accusational of other beliefs. I especially thought the abortion scene was too over-the-top, and really made me roll my eyes. I'm just not a big believer of putting politics in games.

#1: Couldn't beat it. #2: As an economist...

Could only get to the "world scale" part. You need to make it more obvious where you want us to go from a gameplay POV man.

Second of all, nice artwork kid. Really. But you have a warped world view. The "world is X" section (imbalanced scale) is the biggest part. I have to ponder if you have the slightest clue as to how the whole concept of prosperity really works. Meh.

Sigh. Oh forget it. Some people cannot be educated no matter how much you try to school them in economics. So I'll cut the lecture here and get to my final summation.

All things considered, I'm giving you a below average score. Mostly not because of some of the flawed themes (not every theme I disagree with) of this game, but due to the fact that progression through this thing is a total pain. I spend an hour jamming the "x" button with a ring and an ice creamcone in my hand, and I get no where. >_<

If you ever do this again, try not to waste people's time so much.

~TheHolyDarkness Out~

Aw, hell, man.

I'm not normally one to review a game without going through all of it, but...

How the fuck do you get back into the water? I just can't do it. I checked the walkthrough and all it says is "Get back into the water." Thanks, guys, that was reaaal helpful of you to put that. I've tried pressing X everywhere and transforming and even using the "hand" option. Nothing works.

Improve gameplay or improve the walkthrough. It shouldn't be difficult to follow as simple of a command as "Get back into the water."

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4.04 / 5.00

Nov 22, 2008
8:06 AM EST
Adventure - Other
  • Daily 2nd Place November 23, 2008

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