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Arrow Keys - Movement
Z - open inventory or cancel an action
X - interact with surroundings or accept an action

(In case you're stuck, walkthrough is in armorgames.com website)

This is an interactive journey through twisted and unusual world. During this journey you will see various social and global problems. Your objective isn't to solve them all, just simply pay some attention.

About a year ago we formed a team "3j". The begining was slow, because we were extremly unorganized, but eventualy we learned to work together and this is our first team project. We wanted to bring you something unusual and original. I hope you will like it and give a thought about the things mentioned in game.

Facts for the curious:

This game is in Lithuanian , which is our mother tongue (don't worry there are english subtitles)
We named ourselves 3j, because names of each of us start with J (Jurgis, Justinas and another Jurgis)
Poem at the end of the game was written by fourth developer Jonas ("4j" wouldn't that've been cool), sadly almost at the begining of our project he left our team. That poem is about a nuclear explosion.


oh wow. There is nothing better than a riveting game like this, to lay bare things in such an autistic and therefore strikingly real and visual way (I am autistic, so I know of what I speak, I think, hee hee). You guys will go far and wide and spark great things with your thoughts, I hope. Best wishes from a fellow philosopher-poet,


the visuals... coupled with the story in the art... magnificent. For this aspie, it was a real diversion.

Thank you.

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A very deep game about a man who will fight with the human colapse,fantastic!

I remember playing this game a while back and I was never able to beat it. I wanted to see if the game still held up by today's standards and it definitely does. The visuals are just as striking and provocative as they were back then, maybe even more so now that I can fully comprehend everything, and the message is just as relevant.

I love how this game, even before the relative boom of art games that happened on flash sites like this one, is able to avoid popular and annoying tropes that other pseudo art games often use wherein there is little to no interactivity whilst trying to convey some "deep and emotional" story (something I like to call, "The Passage and/or Dear Esther effect"). The game instead opts for Adventure Game-esque puzzles with neat mechanics with a very visceral story. A move I wholeheartedly agree with.

However, the game still has a few things that keep it from achieving a perfect score in my eyes. Firstly, whenever I go back to a part of a level I begin to hear the Armor Games theme music pipe up. I don't know if it's intentional or not, but it's extremely jarring when the rest of the game is built around ambiance and faint noises and immersion in the experience and then it's suddenly shattered when the Armor Games music starts playing.

Also, a caveat of having Adventure Game inspired puzzles is the induction of "moon logic". The game does a good enough job of immersing you that you start to think in "moon logic" but there are still moments when I have no clue what I'm supposed to do. It's a good thing the walkthrough is posted, or I wouldn't have gotten through the game.

Overall, the game is rough around the edges, but is still a gem of a game after four years.


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Very interesting game. It really opens your eyes to things we ignore everyday. I started this games two other times in the past and gave up, but i'm glad I finally finished it. I also looked up 'pragars' which translated to 'hell.' Scary. Wonderful game.

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This game was extraordinary.

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4.04 / 5.00

Nov 22, 2008
8:06 AM EST
Adventure - Other
  • Daily 2nd Place November 23, 2008

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