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Hitler - Fascist Dog

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Nov 21, 2008 | 11:04 PM EST

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Author Comments

Did you know that Hitler was a fascist dog? This movie shows why!

The name of the song is "Alle Waffen gegen Hitler" (All weapons against Hitler)
German comrades persuade Nazi soldiers during WWII to fight Hitler. Fighting for Hitler is Treachery! German patriots fight nazi regime!

I plan to make a sequel in 2010 with a song "Das Lied der Hakenkreuzler" (Song of Swastika people)
Nazis sing with pride, how they will fill the graves with communists and social democrats, how they will destroy socialism, and march over dead people once they conquer the world.\

Both songs were written and sung by German communists who fought against the fascist regimes in Germany and Spain.

Fascism shall never become strong again!



Rated 4 / 5 stars

this has a good message of hitler being bad and all, but the soviets had gulags too


Rated 4 / 5 stars


the only problem with socialism or reloveution is that after it is finished it turns corrupt look at lenin mao and kim all of the people apointed grew corrupt that is where i think people like anarchy everyone gets euqal rights because no one gets rights lol but its mostly kids who dont really know all the side effects of anarchy i hope that A.R.M will return america to its original freedom and remove this fake capitalism that is in place now it should be suported by a large amount of small buisinesses not these corrupt big buisiness and goverment....come to think of it orignal america was kinda like a soft version of anarchy where people where in charge of takeing care of themselfs or apointing someone they where more self suffciant not his horrid lazy people we call america today....i just lost my train of thought...oh well good id thought even though i dont like communisim or socialism i love USSR and nazi style for some reason...andim not a raceist lol


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Sehr gut gemacht!

Du hast die animation sehr passend zur music eingesetzt, habe ich wirklich genossen diesen Flash.

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Kenzu responds:

Das freut mich!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I thought it was excellent how America and the Soviet Union were able to put there differences aside to kill and destroy every Nazi. It really shows that to opposites can come to gather to destroy real evil in this world. I hope Hitler is burning in Hell for the 6 million Jews who lost there lives because of him.

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Kenzu responds:

We should not forget all the millions he killed who weren't jews as well.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Der Classic

Now 1st of all let me make an intro, Hitler is NOT a fascist but a National Socialist. The term Nazi(Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei)(NSDAP) can be a proof as Hitler himself despise Fascism during the early years. So just for all of you Newgrounders info, mostly Communist/Socialist Propaganda proclaims Hitler as a Fascist. But heck your a commie so I guess you wouldn't care...
The other word is that many German 'Soldat' Soldiers were executed when they were found, example the Battle of Berlin. German Soldiers or, 'Rats' what the Soviets called them, would rather shoot them on the spot no matter if they were children, the old, or just a German Civilian. Thats the reason why most Germans would rather surrendered to their 'Friendly Enemies', the United States or the British.
And lastly, the KMT Flag(Kuomintang) was shown in the Flash Video too. They were Nationalist Chinese meaning they are the enemy towards the Communist Chinese meaning they had no, if so, littler involvement in the European Part of the War. Brief History, the Kuomintang actually had a relationship with Nazi Germany(Sino-German Cooperation). Only reason Hitler chose Japan as a fit ally was the fact that Japan was strong enough to counter any Communist threat from the Soviet Union. Adolf Hitler wanted to restore the Sino-German Cooperation later but was unable to do so as during this time, Allied Forces had already landed in Italy. The KMT had no choice but to join the allies as they had to fight against Japan, not Germany.
Heck look at me now, I'm talking History! HAHA

Btw for your flash:-
I gave an 8 because of your Communist Propaganda Elements and Quality of the Audio. But you still have some little improvement to be made. If you can just improve the art quality you might just get there. The Flash may be crude but hey nobody can be Pro immediately.

Kenzu responds:

Soviet Union and China have suffered the biggest casualties during World War II, it is because German Fascists didnt consider Soviet people to be humans, nor did Japanese Fascists consider Chinese people to be humans and thus killed millions of them.

Both Soviet Union and China fought hard to defeat The fascist hordes. Most battles which involved millions of soldiers were fought on Soviet Soil.

Berlin (3.25 million soldiers)
Moscow (2.25 million soldiers)
Stalingrad (2.1 million soldiers)
Kursk (2.2 million soldiers)

as a comparison battles on the western front involved much less soldiers, since most german and italian soldiers were already fighting on the eastern front.

An American turning point was Landing on Omaha beach (lost 3.000 soldiers killed 1.200 German soldiers)

A Soviet turning point was Battle of Moscow (lost 1.000.000 soldiers, killed 400.000 German soldiers)

(The whole Italian campaign took 310.000 allied soldiers lives and 350.000 axis soldiers lives.)

China fought against Japan very hard, Chinese Communist Party and Kuomintang were fighting against the Japanese. Republic of China was in power during the war against Japanese, therefore you can see the republican flag of China in the flash movie.

USA flag has been added, since they were fighting Germans, Italians and Japanese on all fronts.

British flag and French flag have been added, since they were major powers.

Here is a list of countries with most lost lives to WWII on the allied side:
Soviet Union 24.000.000
China 20.000.000
Poland 5.000.000
Indonesia 4.000.000
Yugoslavia 1.000.000
France 550.000
USA 400.000
UK 400.000

Germany lost 8.000.000
Japan lost 2.700.000
Italy losy 500.000