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*UPDATE 11/23
This Pen License thing is in Australian schools, not American. This movie is based oN my experience in an Australian Primary school, cause I live in Australia.
Thanks to all the reviewers, I read em all.

*UPDATE 11/23
Zomg frontpage YES! Thank you Tom! You've obviously got a pen license.

"When I was in primary/elementry school,
It was in grade 3 that students needed to obtain a "Pen License" in order to use a pen rather than a grey led pencil".
-Daniel Sun

Thats pretty much what happens in Australian schools. All my friends, from different schools had this 'pen license' rubbish, so i made a flash about it.


XD lol !!!!

Man is just stopped to think WTF!!! It was something short, but extremely funny XD
it remenbers me about adult swin, robot chiken :D
keep like it and show the world that averyone needs a pen license XD!
im going to get my one tomorow, or JAILLL!!!!


Using a pen without a license? YOUR GOING TO JAIL!

I thought it was hillarious. I can't believe when you were in school you needed a license to use a pen. Ridiculous.

I have a Pen License!

I was beginning to think that there weren't any other Aussies in here!
Note: I still hate pens, I prefer pencils. I was the very last one to get a pen license, only because they had to give everyone one. xD
This was hilarious though, I remember the teachers always just grabbing pens off me because I had no license. In the end, I still used pencils even after I got it, and drove the teachers mad again!
This was hilarious though, I remember that kid's feeling. Brilliant.

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La la la~

I do not have a pen license, and I am proud.

Other than that, this was very funny.

lmao @ ur goin 2 fukkin jail AGHH!

a bit too short tho

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Nov 21, 2008
6:18 PM EST
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