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Hi everyone,

This is our second release - our first attempt at a rhythm action game in the vein of Guitar Freaks / DDR / Guitar Hero / Rock Band / etc. ;-) We know it's not massively original but we just wanted to have a go at the genre to see if we were capable of doing it justice - we hope you enjoy it! The game isn't "Dragon Force" hard if you know what I mean, but we think there's enough challenge in there to satisfy the majority of players - please bear in mind that there is actually an "S" grade for each track which you need to be very accurate to achieve. I know it's mentioned in the instructions, but if you don't get on with the "ASDF" keys then you can use either "1234" or "HJKL" instead. That's about it really - enjoy the game and please leave us some feedback!

Nice one,

The Megadev team.

PS. We just uploaded a new version as it appeared that the score submission wasn't working - try refreshing the page and it should sort it out. :-)


My face melted...

That rocked! The songs you included in the game were awesome. Just wish it was longer and maybe a customizable characted and guitar.

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Megadev responds:

Next time I'm sure we will - we're going to take a break from the genre for a while and try out some new ideas; no doubt you'll hear about it first on NewGrounds. :-)


great game

played this on andkon first my only problem with it is that after 2 plays i can beat the game on geek with all A's. Needs to be harder. anyone know where i can download the songs credits say there by soul sanctuary but that diddnt relle help me at all


I disagree with the guy underneat me. This game is different because it's not just trying to rip off guitar hero like every other game. It is different...and feels new. Well done!!!


Very nice, it was really addicting!

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4.18 / 5.00

Nov 20, 2008
4:48 PM EST