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Hi everyone,

This is our second release - our first attempt at a rhythm action game in the vein of Guitar Freaks / DDR / Guitar Hero / Rock Band / etc. ;-) We know it's not massively original but we just wanted to have a go at the genre to see if we were capable of doing it justice - we hope you enjoy it! The game isn't "Dragon Force" hard if you know what I mean, but we think there's enough challenge in there to satisfy the majority of players - please bear in mind that there is actually an "S" grade for each track which you need to be very accurate to achieve. I know it's mentioned in the instructions, but if you don't get on with the "ASDF" keys then you can use either "1234" or "HJKL" instead. That's about it really - enjoy the game and please leave us some feedback!

Nice one,

The Megadev team.

PS. We just uploaded a new version as it appeared that the score submission wasn't working - try refreshing the page and it should sort it out. :-)



Guitar Geek is awesome, but...

Some improvements are needed. Like first of all, this game very inaccurately portrays playing the guitar. If you have no idea what I mean, I mean it needs some way of strumming. Plus, it needs more songs. Six songs is WAY too little. And it's very tough for people to move up a difficulty.

On the other hand, the graphics are just plain awesome. I like the graphics you made in this game because they're clean and don't look unprofessional (as in stupid scribbles.) The game is super addicting, too. You could play for hours without ever getting bored. The music is just plain INCREDIBLE. (Maybe that's just because I like most kinds of rock music. Great anyway!) It's well-designed. And the gameplay is great.

So maybe it has a few problems, but it's such a fun game anyway even with those problems, so you get a 10! It's a great rhythm game overall!

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It's great


prety fun game

well done

10/10 for me it was better than most of the guitar hero tribute games.

pretty good

ya know........................

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4.18 / 5.00

Nov 20, 2008
4:48 PM EST